Cat Treat Ball : 3Pcs of High Quality Keeps you Cat Healthy

Everlasting Treat Ball


Cat Owner's 1st Choice Treat!

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• Improve your cat’s health

• Keep your cat hydrated

• Offer good nutrition

• Entertain your cat

• Reduce your Furiend anxiety 

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Many cat owners are worried about their cat’s health and they always ask how to keep their cats healthy. They nonstop search for healthy cat treat balls that are good for cat's teeth and also taste good. So, if you’re looking for the best treats for kittens you came to the right place.

It's 3 Pcs High-Quality Nutrition Cat Treat Ball

Looking for a treat that can improve your cat's health? Ever dreamed of a healthy snack that your cat can get easily by itself? Just released the High-Quality Nutrition Cat Treat Ball which is rated as the best cat treats in 2018.


• Improve your cat’s health

It contains goldfish gum which promotes the healthy growth of the cat's brain, enhances immunity, and strengthens bones.

• Keep your cat hydrated

Licking the sugar, It encourages cats that don’t drink enough water to drink to stay hydrated.

 • Enhance their urinary system

Drinking water regularly improves the cat’s urinary system.

Offer good nutrition

Nutrition ingredients include catnip and various trace elements including fish glue that taste good and will keep your cat healthy as well.

• Entertain your cat

The bottom sticker can let you replace the ball on anywhere such as floor or wall beside your cat's bed. So your cat can lick it for hours and enjoy. The best part is that your cat can get to eat the cat treat ball itself.

• Reduce your Furiend anxiety 

The lick and stick treat ball will make your furiend hook on a good feeling. 

• Provides your cat energy

Licking this cat treat ball, gives your cat its daily healthy amount of sugar which increases its energy and makes it cute like a little kitty.

• Promise safety & cleanliness

There is a transparent cover for storage that will keep it clean and don't worry, it won't mess up your wall when applying or taking off!

• Allow licking for long time

Unlike other chewing treats, this licking treats is made to last for a longer time.  



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. In what country is this made?

The wrapper suggests that it was made in China. 

2. Is it really safe?

Yes, absolutely! It’s made of Catnip and various trace elements including fish glue.

3. I’m afraid it will collect dirt and my kitty eats it! How can I ensure it’s clean?

Don’t worry, I’ve been in your shoes but what made me comfortable is that it comes with a transparent cover for storage.

Still looking for a reason why this cat treat ball is the best healthy treats to offer your cat? Well, it can help cleaning cat’s teeth and also prevent oral diseases; in addition, it will remove tartar and leave fresh breath.


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