GROOMINGBAG™: Cat Grooming Bag

Rose red

This product will let you groom, trim nails and bathe your cat effortlessly!🐶🐶

    Calling all cat lovers to check this awesome scratch-resistant bag that will let you do all the cat-stuff without getting scratched – or judged – by your cat! Featuring the high-quality material that won’t bother or hurt your cat but will definitely make them stand still while you finish your job. Whether your job is trimming their nails, giving a bath, giving medicine or vaccine or grooming their hair. No more worries and no more fights with your cat!

    Benefits You Get:

    • Do All Paw-site Jobs Smoothly

    This grooming cat is a game changer when it comes to the grooming; it will let you all the cat-related jobs such as; dental cleanings, giving medications, trimming nails or grooming hair as well as bathing them!

    • Have a Better Control

    This bag’s unique design will end the scratching and clawing and let you freely do your job. It will give the full control over your cat.

    • Save Money Spent on Pet Groomers

    By using this bag, you will save extra money spent on pet groomers as you will be able to groom your pet yourself.

    • Feature High-Quality Material

    This bag is made of heavy-duty polyester that is designed to last.


    1. What size should I get for my ten-pound cat?

    I got large for my 12 lb cat and it was good. The bag seems to calm him but I also had someone to gently hold him. 

    2. Can this work for a Yorkie?

    Yes, this size would work for a Yorkie.

    3. Could this also be used as a pet carrier?

    No, unless it is a Very timid cat and even then me personally I wouldn't

    4. What colors does the Cat Grooming Bag come in?

    It comes in either red with orange or rose red with green.

    5. What is the material of the Cat Grooming Bag?

    It is made from polyester and has a mesh design that lets water in and out when bathing your cat. This makes it easy when giving your cat a bath.

    6. Is it suitable for other pets?

    It is most suitable for cats because of their size. Also, it offers an anti-scratching and bites resistance properties when you deal with your cat.

    7. What is the cat grooming bag uses?

    It is suitable for cat grooming, bathing, cutting nails, picking ears, cleaning teeth. You can accomplish anything related to cat grooming. It can even access to rear paws easily.

    8. What are the measurements of the Cat Grooming Bag?

    It is 46 cm in width and 35 cm in height. The neck is 30 cm and the feet is 10 cm wide. With these measurements, it easily inserts to let water in and wash your cat.

    9. What other features does it feature?
    In the middle of the Cat Grooming Bag, there is a pull tape and bite proof hoods. This controls your cat’s process of scratching and biting.
    10. How to use the Cat Grooming Bag?

    Step one: Hang it from your cat’s neck.
    Step two: Fasten the hole tight enough so they can’t get a foot through but not to tight as to not to strangle your cat.
    11. Why the Cat Grooming Bag is a good idea for cats?

    Typically, cats hate treatments examinations and administrations for their eyes and ears.  This bag helps with the physical examination and treatment of cats. Even though it helps with bathing and grooming cats, it can also help with putting ear and eye treatments. Thus, your cat will be treated effectively.


    The package includes 1 cat grooming bag.

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