Cat Butt Magnets, Funny Cat Stuck In Fridge Magnet

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Are you a cat person who loves seeing cat stuff all over your house? These are for you!

introducing this Cat Butt Magnets

Laugh every time you open your fridge with these hilarious cat magnets. 

Benefits You Get:
  • Decorative and Functional:¬†These Cat Stuck In Fridge Magnet are constructed with beautifully synthetic resin and contain built-in strong magnets that will come in handy for holding up memos and notes. Ideal for home and office use.
  • 4-Piece Small Cute Cat Butt Magnets:¬†Includes 4x hysterical looking magnets of curious cats' rear ends as if they are walking through a door flap, suitable for your great decoration and memos' record.
  • Eye-catching Designs:¬†Featuring different breeds with eye-catching designs that will certainly get a reaction out of friends and colleagues and are definite conversation starters. At the same time, A funny and hilarious design will get more attention from your kids, and make them have a different childhood.
  • Cute Cat Lover Gift:¬†An adorable feline-themed gift for Christmas for your friends, family, or even the cat lady next door. Because these lovely magnets have the lifelike appearance, a sure winner for any gifting occasion.
    • Use their tails:¬†To hang spare keys, or just hold notes and pictures with this¬† Cat Butt Magnets.

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