Cat Butt Magnets: The perfect gift for feline lovers.

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If you are a cat person who loves seeing cat stuff all over your house, These are just for you!

This magnet set is perfect for the cat lover in all of us. Hang them at home, or in your office, everyone will get a kick out of these butts.

Introducing the Cat Butt Magnets, The cutest Most Decorative Cat Fridge Magnets Available

Enjoy a laugh every time you open your fridge with these hilarious cat magnets. Our Adorable feline fun Cat fridge Magnets are sure to delight all ages! Made of strong magnets, you can't go wrong ordering them as a gift for any occasion.

Benefits You Get from our Cat Butt Magnets:

  • Decorative and Functional: These Cat Stuck In Fridge Magnet are constructed with beautifully synthetic resin and contain built-in strong magnets that will come in handy for holding up memos and notes. Ideal for home and office use.
  • A set of four Piece Small Cute Cat Butt Magnets: Includes 4x hysterical looking magnets of curious cats' rear ends as if they are walking through a door flap. Suitable for your great decoration and memos' record.
  • Eye-catching Designs: Featuring different breeds with eye-catching designs that will certainly get a reaction out of friends and colleagues and are definite conversation starters. At the same time, A funny and hilarious design will get more attention from your kids, and make them have a different childhood.
  • Cute Gift for Cat Lovers: An adorable feline-themed gift for Christmas for your friends, family, or even the cat lady next door. Exceptionally fun gift for any occasion, Perfect for a birthday, she shed, Father's Day, Mother's Day, housewarming, thank you, use in your office, hold up child's or grandchild's art, etc.! Because these lovely cute cat fridge magnets have the lifelike appearance, a sure winner for any gifting occasion.
  • Multifunctional Tail: You can use their tails to hang spare keys, or just hold notes and pictures with this  Cat Butt Magnets.
  • High quality: these decorative fridge magnets are made of the best materials with the Quality tested & inspected
  • Easy to use: Just hang our magnet set on your refrigerator and enjoy the smiles that it will put on you, your kids, and everyone in your house
  • Multiple uses:These decorative fridge magnets are perfect for Pinning notes, pictures, postcards, menus, recipes or artwork on fridge doors, lockers or any metal surface

Product Specifications:

Product Dimensions:               2 x 0.8 x 1.2 inches

Item Weight:                          0.16 ounces

Shipping Weight:                    2 ounces

Colors:Our Refrigerator Magnet Set comes in four colors Grey, Brown, Bright Orangeand Dark Orange

Set contents:  Four pieces of decorative fridge magnets


CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Cat Butt Magnets faqs:

1. Do these decorative cat magnets stick to a mirror?

No, this Refrigerator magnet set doesn’t stick to mirrors. Not unless your mirror is made of metal

2. What is the height and length of these cat butt magnets in CM’s?

Thank you for your inquiry on our refrigerator magnet set. The dimensions of our cat fridge magnets are 4.2 x 3.4 x 2.1 CM’s
Also, each magnet weighs 27 grams
3. How will these cat butt magnets be packaged?

Our cat butt magnets will be shipped and packaged for you, sir, in a plastic package (plastic box) where it contains a pack of 4 cat magnets. We guarantee a very professional well-protected packaging or your money back
4. Will these be in stock in time for this holiday season?

Our cat fridge magnets are available all year round.
5. Do these cat butt magnets work on stainless steel refrigerators?

Yes, they do
6. Do you have the other half of the cat? Is it available? It would be fantastic to stick the north end on one side of the refrigerator and the south end on the other?

I’m sure it would be a cool idea. Unfortunately, we do not offer the "north" end of the cats. We are thinking about though
7. How strong are these cat butt magnets? Can you hang pot holders and utensils from them on the fridge?

These cat butt magnets are surprisingly strong. From personal experience, I can say they can. I recently had a medallion hanging from one and I decided to see what it would hold. Two ounces easily and that's on a refrigerator door that's opening and closing.

8. Do these cat fridge magnets also come as wall hooks? My friend gave these magnets away at our Christmas gift exchange. Loved them!

First we are thrilled you loved them, second, we are truly sorry to disappoint you but This specific style only comes as cat fridge magnets.
9. How strong are these magnets?

Our decorative fridge magnets are pretty strong, you can use their tails to hang spare keys and pot holders or just Pinning notes, pictures, postcards, menus, recipes or artwork on fridge doors, lockers or any metal surface hold with them 

10. Does it come in black?

No, our cat magnet set comes in grey, bright and dark orange and brown, there are no black cat magnets unfortunately
11. Are these scratch and sniff type?

No, unfortunately, they are not, They are simply decorative fridge magnets to put in front of the fridge or elsewhere. Strong enough to hold my car keys.
12. Will the cat fridge magnets be available for next Christmas?

Yes they will, the cat fridge magnets are available all year

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