Finger-slotted Multi-Use Silicone Cleaning Tool | Free Shipping

This Finger-slotted Multi-Use Silicone Cleaning Tool is the best way to clean almost everything!

This multi-use silicone cleaning tool is everything you need in one tool! The best part is that it has finger slots that make it super easy to use for a better cleaning result. Just slip your hands in these finger slots, and let it do the dirty work for you

Everything you’ll need for perfect cleaning in one tool!



  • The Best Cleaning Tool for Your Pet

You can use this tool for multiple uses such as; rubbing your pet, removing loose hair, remove loose hair from the furniture or around your house.


  • Give Your Pet the Best Massage


This silicone tool is very delicate and gentle on your pet’s skin; you can use it to give them a nice massage.


  • Come in a Finger-slotted Shape

With this Finger-slotted Multi-Use Silicone Cleaning Tool, you can effectively scrub and clean better than any other cleaning tool.


  • Scrub Your Fruits and Veggies

This multi-use tool can also be used to clean fruits and veggies to keep them perfectly clean to keep you healthy


  • Feature Multi Uses in One Tool

You can use it as a scrubbing tool to clean dishes without leaving scratching marks or damaging them.


  • Feature Safe High-Quality Material

It’s made of 100% eco-friendly material that won’t harm you nor your pets.


Q & A


Would man-size fingers fit in this?

Yes. My hand fit very comfortable with plenty of room, and my hands are not small. 


How does this remove pet hair? I have it and I just don't see how it works!

I wish I could tell you, but I've still never received it. Don't order if you need it anytime soon. 


Does this work well to pick up pet hair from the couch/clothes?

It works OK. I probably wouldn't buy it again. 


What will you get?

The package includes 1 BUMP IT OFF Multi-Use Silicone Cleaning Tool


Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Silicon Cleaning Tool to be Quality Premium Product.

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