Dog Cooling Collar Reduces Heat-Stress, Fights Fatigue

🏆The Best Dog Cooling Collar Ever Created!🏆

This Dog Cooling Collar will keep your dog Cool for Hours, reduces heat-stress, fights fatigue, and it's cool looking 😎

  • Feature special cooling technology

  • Soothe skin

  • Keep your dog safe

  • Work in 3 ways

  • Not just for dogs!

Would you like to keep your dog cool? If you do, this product is all you need, as it’s one of the best cooling collars for dogs ever.  This cooling collar functions in the same way a human bandana does, and from time to time, you’ll have to take it off and soak it. This cooling dog collar may not be the most elegant, but it sure serves its purpose very well.

 Introducing the Dog Cooling Collar 

  • Fight fatigue and heat stress

This dog cooling collar will not only keep your dog cool during hot days, but it also works on fighting fatigue and reduces heat stress. 

  • Feature special cooling technology

The soft cooling gel will keep your dog cool during warm or hot summer days.

  • Soothe skin

This cooling collar can be used to release dry itchy skin and relieve lower body temperature.

  • Work in 3 ways

Use ice packs (included) in the collar, and/or soak the collar in water for added cooling effect; use ice cubes instead of the included ice packs.

  • Keep your dog safe

100% non-toxic fabric, the surface material is high-quality nylon with PVC coating, CMC special material padded, highly absorbent.

  • Enjoy outdoor activities with your dog 

The built-in leash hole lets you enjoy your time on the go, hassle-free.

  • Not just for dogs!

S 1.77”x0.3” M 2.17”x0.3” the best choice for your dog and cat.

In a few words, as a true dog lover, you’ll want to give your best four-legged friend only the best. Unlike humans, dogs can’t cool off their bodies and that’s why we should always take extra care of them especially during hot summer days that could lead to heat-related diseases.

Frequently asked questions: 

1. Why isn't there a size between medium and large?

    Not sure but the collar has a Velcro closing so will allow for a couple of inches of flexibility.

    2. If the medium is for 15-18" and the large is for 21-25" necks, what size do you suggest for a dog with a 19" neck?

    Not sure, but I would go for the Large, you can always adjust. 

    3. Are these supposed to stay flat after soaking?

    This is the first gel-filled one I've used and it doesn't puff up, but it does seem to work OK. 

    4. I soaked it for 10 min and noting happened-it stayed flat. Isn’t it supposed to swell up a bit?

    These don't puff up like the gel-filled ones. I actually like these better because they don't hang heavy on my dog's necks. 

    5. Will it fit a Great Dane?

    It fits my 96-pound lab mix.


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