TOYFEEDER™: Fun Automatic Pet Feeder


This Automatic Pet Feeder doubles as a toy to provide food to your pet’s tummy and brains!

Fast Chewing can cause serious health problems to your dog: fast eating, overeating and indigestions. This Automatic feeder will help them lose weight easily and double-functions as a toy to promote both their physical and mental health!

The best Automatic Feeder to keep your pet physically and mentally fit 

  • Help your pet lose weight easily
  • No more fast chewing! Avoid digestion
  • Stop overeating by controlling their food intake
  • Will keep your pet’s company by moving around
  • Runs around to reduce their boredom, barking, and destructive behavior
  • Gives the pet needed exercise to help even more with weight loss
  • Completely safe for them and made from non-toxic and durable material
  • Works with dogs and cats!
  • Combines play and food for double the enjoyment!

Automatic Pet Food Feeder FAQs

Does this work as an automatic cat feeder? 

Yes, I have three cats (and one of them is pretty fat), and they love this. 

Can I use one auto pet food dispenser for both my dog and my cat? 

If you want to, and they both eat the same food, then yeah sure, but we would recommend getting two separate ones. From personal experience, dogs and cats don't like sharing the same food bowl, and I don't think they will be fine sharing one pet food dispenser. 

I have three small dogs, does this require much force to push down? 

No, it doesn't, even my small cats use it easily. It's just strong enough to not get accidentally activated if something falls on it, but light enough so that any small pet can work it. 

I have a fast eater, can this help slow him down a bit? I'm starting to get worried about him. 

Yes, this auto pet feeder can definitely be used to limit the amount your dog eats. You can also always control the quantity you put in the dispenser, and the dispenser itself will make the dog work to get the food. 

Is this BPA-free? 

Yes, it's BPA-Free, non-toxic, and odorless, so it never interacts with your dog's food. 

How do I know if it's safe to use this to feed my pets? 

Well, this automatic feeder for pets has a food-grade certification, and what this means is that the material this is made from will never interact chemically with any pet food you put in it, so it's perfectly safe. 

It's also BPA-free and Odorless, so it really does nothing more than holding the food and launching it to your dog, but never does anything in between. 

Is this heavy? 

No, the automatic pet feeder is pretty light, but it's stable on the ground. Bonus points for it having wheels so it can be moved easily. Of course, the wheels are originally there for your pet's enjoyment as they keep running after the food. 

Can you get this for a large dog? 

You can get this automatic pet food dispenser for any pet, but I think what you mean is if it can hold the amount of food your large dog eats daily. 

Well, the answer to this question depends on how much do you feed him daily.