HEALTHYFEEDER™: Adjustable Pet Feeder with Non-Tipping Base


This Adjustable Pet Feeder is the correct and healthy way to feed your pet.

Easily Adjust the height to prevent digestion, stomach comfort. It reduces strain on the cat’s muscles and joints and prevents food dropping on the floor for a healthy pet and a clean house.

Benefits You Get:
  • The Healthy Way: The adjustable feeder allows you to feed your pet in a way that prevents indigestion and stomach aches.
  • Easy & Effortless: Unlike other pet feeders, you can reposition it easily
  • For Your Pet: The traditional way involves the pet going down to eat the food, but now the food will come to your pet. Adjust the height easily to your pet’s height and change it as they grow.
  • Cleaner Floors: The Non-tipping base and the feeding station’s design means no more food gets out of the bowl and onto the clean floors.