No mess collecting cat's litter with the Cat Toilet Litter Trainer

Training your cat to use the toilet isn't a dream anymore; the cat toilet litter trainer will help you train your cat so you can avoid all the mess of collecting & cleaning the litter.

Introducing the Cat Toilet Litter Trainer

Benefits You Get:

  • Get ready to train your pet effectively to go to the toilet by itself.
  • Made of high quality, durable material to last for a longer time.
  • Its design is conducive to the trays remove; trays partially connected contribute to cut off the inner loops which are two blue trays.
  • Material: ABS
  • size: 40*40*3.5cm/15.75*15.75*1.38in


How to Use it:

Check the following steps:
1. Put the cat litter box into your closestool
2. Put the cat toilet seat in your toilet
3. Remove the first loop of the blue tray
4. Remove the second loop of the blue tray 
5. Remove the third loop of the blue tray
6. Remove the blue tray

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. My cat went completed the training without incident and has been using the toilet for 2.5 months. Then started pooping in the bathtub. Any suggestions?
Are you keeping the toilet area clean enough? I have two toilet trained cats. My one cat pooped in my sink after 3 weeks of no accidents because I was not there to flush the toilet after the other cat went. She did not want to poop in a dirty toilet. Your cat might also get untrained if something very unpleasant happens such as falling into the water or the toilet lid falling on them. Tape your toilet lid to the toilet! 
2. How do I get my cat to have better positioning using the toilet? 
I learned the hard way that not all cat can be trained. My cat did the same thing. When I removed the last ring. She used the toilet a couple time until she slipped into the toilet. Then she went into the bathtub. I put the last ring back and she was as messy as ever. I tried to cut the ring wider and wider. It soon became a battle of wills and she won. 

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