Round Frame Cat Climbing Toy

Do you have an energetic crazy kitty?
Do you love watching your kitty having a funny playtime?

This Round Frame Cat Climbing Toy is the best to keep your fur balls entertained for hours!

• Inner mouse teaser toy that will drive your cat crazy
• Interactive cat toy and a home decorative piece!
• Durable, high-quality sisal and short plush cloth.
• Bright colors to attract your cat to play.
• Keep your furniture protected by attracting your cat to play with this toy for hours.
• Good for keeping your cat nails short and healthy.
• Fashionable and fun cat climbing frame!
• Perfect gift for cat owner friends.
• Free USA shipping if you order today.
• Only $3.25 for international orders.

Our Customers Trust This Round Frame Cat Climbing Toy to be Quality Premium Product.

You are Backed by Our Warranty too!

      • SIZE
        W 22cm 8.66inch
        H 24cm 9.45inch