Fold-able Cat Tunnel Toy

Rose Red


This is the best gift you could possibly get for your cat or small dog, a gift of high quality and the potential for limitless fun and happy moments! Your family and your pets deserve nothing less than the best and it’s with that specific mindset that this pet tunnel toy is designed to provide. It’s made of high quality materials that will ensure long-lasting fun and play.


• Satisfies cat's natural hunting instinct as they keep running in and out
• Your cat will enjoy hours of fun and exercising!
• Heavy-duty, Scratchproof durable materials
• Designed to fit more than one pet!
• Small dogs can have fun, too!
• Easy to fold and store
• Easy to take it anywhere you go
• Keeps your pet energetic and healthy


  • Material: Cloth ABS
  • Let your Cat Have a Better Cat Tunnel Toy
  • Durable and Non-Toxic
  • Fold-able Spiral Cat Bed Design
 Length 35cm/13.8"
Width 27cm/10.6"
Height 35cm/13.8"