Musical Singing and Dancing Saxophone Sunflower


This funny Saxophone dancing & singing toy will bring you an endless time of joy!
This toy will be the best gift on this Christmas!
Benefits You Get:
  • Creative Design: The plush toys can sing and dance with saxophone, The unique creative design looks great.
  • Features: The sunflower mimics a smiling face, When music is playing, which cheeks are shimmer and glow, It's a wonderful performance that will bring you endless joy
  • Voice-Control: The product is voice-activated, When the music stops, Just tap it to make a sound, Another Music will start again
  • Perfect Gift: It looks magic and sexy when it dancing and singing, It`s funny toy, the best Christmas gift for your kid's friends and family
  • Easy to Use: Open the battery cover at the bottom of it, put the battery in, Close the battery cover, Turn on the black switch nearby, placed it on a desktop or flat surface, Then it starts dancing with music