HOMEGROOMER™: Professional Pet Grooming Kit



    Your worst nightmare is coming; shedding season is here! And a professional hair clipper should be with you during this hair sheds attack to protect your home from dog hair laying around everywhere. 

    Grooming your pet is a year-round process that never stops.

    Whether you want to be prepared this shedding season and be able to face the worst, or simply want to spend more time with your love furball, or even want to save some extra cash, the cordless HOMEGROOMERprofessional hair clipper kit is all you need.


    It’s almost silent!  

    The HOMEGROOMER™ is proudly the quietest trimmer in the market; your pet won’t even notice that it’s on!! It’s noise is rated at 50dB (decibels). That’s 4 times quieter than the 70 dB. EU standards



    The HOMEGROOMER™ is a cordless clipper so you can use it freely without having to worry about your pet getting tangled in wires. Move freely around them and reach everywhere without having to flip your pooch around that what is called a professional hair clipper kit.

    Stays Cool

    The hair clipper doesn’t heat up so it never harms your pet’s gentle skin. It stays cool even if you keep using it for hours!


    One tool. All your pets

    This HOMEGROOMER™ Grooming Kit is the go-to option for pet parents with multiple pets.

    Not only can you use it on Dogs and Cats, but you can also use it for other pets like Rabbits and horses! Yes, these can actually be used to trim horse manes, and they are 1/10th the cost of horse trimmers.



    This trimming kit costs you less than one session to the groomers and will give you the results you dream of.

1. Will it scare my pet?

No. Unlike other pet grooming tools, this is so quiet and low-vibration your dog won’t even notice it’s on most of the time.

2. Will it harm my pet?
Absolutely not. The tool doesn’t get hot, and the ceramic blades make sure it stays cool for long so it never harms their gentle skin.

3. Will it work on my cat, rabbit, or horse?
Yes, The HOMEGROOMER™ clipper kit comes with 4 different combs and is fairly powerful and can be used to trim the coat of any dog breed. It can also be used on cats, rabbits, and even horses (for horse manes - and they’re only a fraction of the price of the shockingly expensive horse clippers)

4. But really, how quiet is it?
Time for some technical talk. These trimmers are rated at 50 dB (decibels). To Quote the University of Purdue, 50 decibels is fairly quiet - as loud as a quiet conversation in a suburban home. 

5. Does it work with any breed?
Yes. They are very versatile, and the 4 combs in different sizes make them effective when used on any breed as well as most other pets.

6. How long does shipping take?
Shipping usually takes 6-18 days, but, you know, sometimes delays could happen. But we’re always eager to help solve any issues. Always feel free to contact us at

7. Does it come with a Manual?
They come with operation instructions in simple English, for a professional pet grooming experience

8. Can I use it on matted coats?
You shouldn't use any clippers on any matted fur. You can use a detangle spray and try to untangle the mats & knots. If this doesn't work, you can use the stainless steel scissors included with the tool to cut out the parts that can't be untangled.

9. What kind of blades?
The professional hair clipper kit contains 33-teeth sharp detachable blades made of Ceramic and Titanium. Also these materials being used is better than the commonly used stainless steel blades as it does not cause any rust or over heating issues. 

10. How can I get new blades?
You can always get the HOMEGROOMER with extra detachable blades, and we offer extra blades to get at discounted prices.

11. Motor efficiency? 

The super powerful electromagnetic motor provides enough power to work with any type of dog coat.

12. I have tried several grooming kits before how is this any different?

Their is a huge difference between the grooming kits we have and the other grooming kits in the market, as we provide the quietest professional hair clipper kit in the market also the cordless clipper give it a huge plus point, and our electromagnetic motors that we produce give enough power to help in pet grooming with ease, also keep in mind that our ceramic and titanium blades are way much better than the ordinary stainless steel blades in the market as it does not cause any rust or over heating issues.