4 Solar Dog Paw Print Garden Lights

Emitting Color

Dog Paw Print 

The 4 Solar Dog Paw Print Garden LightsYou will not believe how cute this look on your front yard, just marvelous to look at. 🐶❤️️

How about a new makeover for your yard with minimum cost and no outside labor required? Sounds great isn’t it, these new lighting up solar paw prints will make your yard look alive at night and will also give you a cute looking marvelous atmosphere with nothing to worry about of it getting damaged.

The Garden Lights Benefits:

  • Let Your Visitors Remember Your Home With a Smile: These cute-looking dog paws will make you smile the moment you lay your eyes on them, and the best part is that your visitors will always remember your home with that smile too!

Dog Paw Print

  • Feature New Solar Technology: These cute-looking dog paws feature new solar invention that will charge during the day to light up all night long, it’s perfect for both new invention and saving money because you won’t need any batteries.

4 Solar Dog Paw Print Garden Lights

  • Feature a Water-proof Invention: These cute-looking Solar Paw-printed Garden Pads are a game-changer when it comes to garden décor because they are waterproof so you won’t face in troubles watering your garden.
  • Save Money on Labor: They are so easy to install maximum 60 seconds and you’re all set!
  • Beware of dog indication: It is considered acute indicator for strangers that there is a dog in the yard for them to be aware of.
  • Clean in Few SecondsClean the paws in just a few seconds by just washing then every now and then from the accumulated dust from the weather.


Made of high-quality plastic materials that will not affect your grass or flowers and will not spoil or damage the texture of your soil also no need to add any batteries as it is mentioned as a self-rechargeable solar panel.

What You Will Get:

Four cute looking dog paws highly designed and manufactured to meet your expectations.  

Overall these beautiful paws are used to make your yard glow in the dark that will, of course, will keep you amazed of how great it looks on your yard it is just glamorous.

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