REMEMBER™: Memorial Bracelet for Special

❤️Are they no longer by your side but forever in your heart? Our beautiful, best-selling bracelet says it all.❤️

This beautiful bracelet is considered of the best pet memorial gifts you can get to remember a beloved pet ❤️️ It has a Silverstone charm that says "You left paw prints on my heart". A wonderful way to remember a much-loved pet that is no longer by your side but still in your heart! 

a pet memorial bracelet of a pet who crossed over the rainbow bridge

Benefits You Get:
  • High-quality materials: This memorial pet bracelet is made of a really high-quality stainless steel material that makes it extremely hard to rust or tarnish and keeps its shiny color.

  • Lead and nickel free: Nickel is known as the most common source of allergies on the skin, that is why it was   removed from our product to ensure a better secure safe pet memorial charm bracelet, also adding lead to jewelry can be really poisoning for children that is well it was removed from our product, contacting to lead even in slow additive doses by contacting the skin could lead to poisoning over time.
  •  Adjustable diameter fits most people's wrist (accommodates wrist sizes “6”-“8”): It can be worn by most of the peoples as the wrist size from 6 diameters to 8 diameters is the best fit and that is pretty much everyone over the age of 8 years old will be able to wear this amazing rainbow bridge pet memorial bracelet, and if anyone would like to bring a memorial bracelet for their little children under the age of 8 kindly send us an email and will send your beloved child a specially made one for him or her.
  • This beautiful bracelet has a Silverstone charm that says "No longer by my side but forever in my heart". A wonderful way to remember a much-loved pet that is no longer by your side but still in your heart!

  • A Great comforting gift for someone that is suffering from the loss of a loved pet.

    This bracelet will make you stand out in the community as a great pet owner who never forgot their beloved fur-friend. 

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1- Is there anything on the back?

    No nothing