The Best Black Friday’s Deals for Pet Owners

April 18, 2019 3 min read


 It’s time for some holiday shopping! It’s almost one week till the Black Friday’s craziest and best-selling deals. This is the ideal time to buy anything you ever wished to get for your pet even some Christmas gifts!

Make sure to stop by Stunning Pets Storeto get more inspiration when browsing different products. We’ve made special Black Friday early sales offers that you can check and meanwhile have a look at these top 5 best-selling pet products that people went crazy over the last couple of months and I’m pretty sure you will find a product you have been looking for:

  1. Giant Fun Tennis Ball for Pets

    Giant Fun Tennis Ball For Pets

    If you are looking for your pet’s next best friend’s favourite toy then this ball is your perfect match! This fun giant tennis ball will keep your best friend busy and entertained for hours! This amazing giant tennis ball is totally made from safe material. Your dog or cat will definitely go crazy over it.

    This is one of the best gifts that you would ever get as A Christmas gift for your dog or cat! Enjoy the Pre-Black Friday sale and get it for $9.99 instead of $19.99!! How cool, right? You will find it here


    1. Cat Wall-Mount Groomer

    Cat Wall-Mount Groomer

    This product is specially designed to meet needs of cat’s daily routine. It is the best self-grooming tool that provides your cat a rubbing place to keep your sweet kitty happy all day! If you’re busy, it will lighten your burden. The Cat wall-mount groomer can simply be installed to stick to any wall corner, easily to clean and it lasts for a very long time. It comes with catnip to attract your cat’s attention and eventually your cat will be super happy and comfortable.

    It is also perfect for self-grooming so it easily removes the shed hair while combing your cat’s hair. Additionally, it is a great durable massage at any time!

    This is another perfect Christmas gift for your sweet kitty and you can get it for only $11.99 instead of $16.99, you can find it here


    1. 35 lbs. Cat Window Bed-Hammock

    35 lbs Cat Window Bed-Hammock

    This Cat window bed-hammock gives your cat the comfort it will ever need. It is definitely the ultimate sunbathing, bird watching, snoozing spot for your lovely kitty. This window bed-hammock can easily be mounted on any window and the best part is that it’s completely sturdy and all worried ofit not holding on the window have been replaced with complete happiness with the product.

    You won’t face any problems with sticking it to any window! It’s pretty purrrfect!

    I bet your cat will love having this hammock as a Christmas gift, so hurry up and enjoy the Pre-Black Friday sales to get it with $29.99 instead of $39.99

    Get it from here


    1. Autumn & Winter Hoodie for Dog Lovers

    Shiba Inu Hoodie

    Shout out to all crazy dog lovers! This Autumn & Winter Hoodie is absolutely amazing. It provides you with needed warmth and a stylish look at the same time.

    This hoodie is brand new made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. It has the most adorable ear design that will make you look extra cute!

    It is a perfect Christmas gift for your lover, sibling, children and best friends; it is especially designed for real dog lovers. Make the best of the Pre-Black Friday offers and get it for $34.99 instead of $47.99 and save $13! You can find it here


    1. Multi-Colour Dog LED Collar

    LED Collar

    I believe this product should be on every pet owner’s must-have lists! This product provides safety for your dogs and makes them safe and visible at nights!

    With its weather-resistant feature, this LED collar allows you to walk your dog at any time regardless any environmental situation.

    Personally, I’m pretty sure your dog will be very thankful and grateful if you get them this LED collar as a Christmas gift. You will be offering them extra safety while spending time with your outdoors!

    With the Pre-Black Friday offer, you will get it for $14.99 instead of $29.99 and for extra safety. You will have a Pet Car Seat Belt as a FREE gift, get it from here


    With all the crazy Black Friday offers, don’t forget to get your pets Christmas gifts as well. Make sure your pets will be very thankful to receive your gifts!



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