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August 26th is the National Dog Day, which is the best day to celebrate with your pooch and enjoy a day made only for him/her so you can thank them for being a huge part of your life and that they helped completing it in a perfect way. It’s your chance to make them feel how much we do love and care for them from the bottom of our hearts. It first started in 2004 by Colleen Paige, that day did not specify a particular breed or type of dog; it was made for every dog in the world, and it is, ever since, considered a happy national day for all puppies and adult dogs of all kinds.


Everything You Need to Know about the National Dogs Day!

The National Dog Day is considered a major celebration for your pooch, it is an honourable way to treat your dog with all the love in the world and also showering your four-legged best buddy with gifts and presents from all the discounts available in most of the stores and enjoying the high-class hotels for dogs. This is the day every dog and dog parent is waiting for, so don’t be greedy with your love and spoil your pooch with several new toys, treats and activities.


Remember Homeless Dogs Also Need Love and Want to Celebrate!

Shelters organize adoption events because they are one of the main aspects of this day as their main target is to find a suitable home and a caring family for the new-born puppies to show gratitude for all the puppies and dogs. In addition, it is the best way to show them love and affection on the National Dog Day is by getting them a happy family that’s ready to give them endless love and care and become their most amazing companions that will love them no matter what.


Several ways to treat your pooch on the National Dog Day in 2018.


Learn how to make your dog do some new tricks on that day. 🐶🤔


    • Take your furry best friend to the beach and make them enjoy the sea and the sun.
    • Buy them a new bed or house.
    • Get them several new toys to celebrate this day.
    • Every owner knows their dog the best, so why not put all their favourite treats in one bowl and let them enjoy an amazing meal.
    • Donate toys, food, beds or blankets to several shelters so every dog can feel like it’s the happiest day of their lives.
    • Invite a friend over with their dogs and puppies to play with your pooch, prepare a special cake made for the National Dog Day with your pooch’s name carved into it so everyone can enjoy a tasty dessert along with a lot of activities including you, your friends and their dogs.
    • Take your dog to get a new haircut at a professional grooming place and make them smell like flowers on that day.
    • Take your dog on a long walk to explore a new neighbourhood and let them lead the walk for today make them explore and experience new smells to remember this is their day.
    • Shower them with toys; how about a new collar or a new nametag, dogs need some change every now and then
    • Contribute to the society and offer a free walk for the neighbour’s dogs.
    • Spend the whole day only with your dog and be dedicated to them only free your schedule to spend the National Dogs Day with them.
    • You know dogs can have a massage and really enjoy as much as we do so, hit the web and search for places that specialized in pet massages and if none in your area, then find some videos on how to massage dogs and trust me they will be thankful for it.
    • Take your dog for a photo shoot and add the photos to the family album.
    • Take a selfie with your buddy and upload it on social media to celebrate this day with them.

                                Overall, having a great companion like your best furball, that is considered an important part of your family, deserves a great celebration day and requires all of our attention on that particular day. Make them feel that they are really important to us and that we care and love them as much as we are to them. as it was once said by Josh Bailing in the 19th Century “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”, also the 33rd President of the United States Harry S. Truman said, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog”.

                                In the end, you will never find a friend that is willing to do anything for you as a dog.  🐶🐶


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