April 18, 2019 3 min read

Listen …I know you don’t think it’s serious, but it really is.

In fact, it’s HUGE!

Do you know these tiny hairs on your pet’s paws? Yes, I’m talking about these ones that are hiding in unreachable spots where you just can't get to them. 

 POWERTRIM Precise Pet Hair Trimmer

These can literally kill your pet. Also, I know the difference between literally and metaphorically.

Should you freak out? A bit, yeah!

Why is this so dangerous on your pet? 

Why? Because these hairs on your pet’s face, paws, ears, armpits, bottom, and all the other difficult-to-reach spots can, when left uncared for, lead to:

  • Having the hair matted and smelly
  • Bacteria, Fungi, and inflammation
  • Bleeding
  • Serious injuries
  • Diseases

First off, let me start by explaining that there is a difference between fur and hair. Pets’ coats have fur and hair. Both are very important for the health of your dog, but they play different roles.


You see, both protect the Pets’ skin from the sun and help the dog regulate their body’s temperature in all seasons.

However, sometimes these hairs are left for too long and they can become overgrown. Other times, the dog is groomed wrongly, which causes these guard hairs to be very coarse.

POWERTRIM the difference between hair and fur

Whatever the cause might be, overgrown guard hairs are a very bad thing. Hair does a very good job of blocking the fresh air that helps the dog stay fresh, but does a very bad job in blocking the sun.

So, let me paint you a picture. In these spots, such as your pets’ paws, bottom, and ears are now exposed to the sun but not to fresh air. This means they get hot but they can’t cool it down.

POWETRIM Precise Pet Trimmer worse case scenario for fur and hair

Worst case scenario: No fur to protect from the sun, and short hair that blocks the fresh air. 

This means they are going to get moist.

Do you know what absolutely thrives in tiny, moist places? You are correct: Bacteria and Fungi! And not even the good kind of bacteria, but the very bad kind that will cause bleeding, weaken their immune system, and make your dog easily prone to more serious diseases and health issues.

I have not even mentioned how painful these overgrown hairs are for your pooch!  They make walking very painful, and as you can probably guess, they will also make your pooch slip more easily, which is very dangerous.

Do you know what’s worse?

You can’t reach these spots in any easy way!

Using regular clippers or scissors is not an option, because you can very easily hurt your pet, unintentionally of course. All it takes is for your pet to twitch.

If your pet doesn’t twitch, please tell me how you did it?! A perfectly still pet is as real as a unicorn.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution!

A sigh of relief …

Here comes the POWERTRIM precise trimmer in all its awesomeness.

These are just so easy to use. You can easily remove the hair and fur from all those unreachable spots such as their face, their ears, their paws, their bottom, their whiskers and so on.


These are a must-have for every dog owner, especially so when you have a small pet or a toy dog, as it’s really the perfect tool for the job.

They are also so gentle, which gives you the confidence to use them on all your pets. The super quiet and almost-mute motor is great as it doesn’t scare any pets away.

The USB charging is awesome as well because it means you can charge it from your laptop, and the battery lasts forever so you can do all the grooming in one grooming session.

I highly encourage you to take a look at this awesome precise trimmer, and you can try it out and see how much of a difference will it make. Now would be a great time to get it as it is available for 50% Off

Get the POWERTRIM 50% Off here 

I don’t think this offer will last for long, though, so you should definitely check it out now.

I will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. 











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