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Having a dog is the best thing I have ever done in my life, he is basically my everything right now, but on the other hand nothing in this world is just perfect it should have some flaws. I decided to share my experience with you guys on what I have been struggling with my little Rocky that made my life hard, but I finally found the solutions. So keep reading to know the most common issues dog owners face and how to solve them.



1. Cleaning his stool after he’s done!


I always feel a bit gross when it comes to holding the poop directly with a plastic bag because you can still feel the texture of the stool itself and sometimes the plastic bag breaks and have to run to the bathroom cause let’s face it’s YUCKY!!

I know this is how we should do it, but I was thinking if there is a better way to do that and luckily, I found this product online which really helps me a lot and guess what it works like magic. Finally, no more holding and squishing and nasty smell from getting too close to it, I am amazed with how my life changed after using it!


2. Dog hair everywhere its horrifying:


So when it comes to dogs I have a Golden Retriever, which as we all know is a huge major issue, it is literarily everywhere on my clothes, furniture, bed and for crying out loud in my mouth as well. I know I should get used to it and I did already but without it I would not have to spend an additional half an hour everyday before going to work to clean excessive hair off my suit, so I did my search again to find a solution other than adding oils and home remedies. Let’s face it, I am lazy and the cost of the sticky rolling thing is expensive. Finally, no more shedding.


3. His mouth breath smell is just amazing, NOT!!


People have been telling me that, I’d face this issue as it depends on the type food he is eating, but I tried everything an nothing worked, so my everyday goes like I wake up full of positive energy and ready to do tasks but once I open my eyes to the cutest greeting with a huge smile in my face is the way Rocky saying good morning to me, you know I love you buddy, but seriously I need to solve this stinky breath issue, so once again I asked and asked until I found that the issue is from un clean teeth not related to the food or anything he needs some teeth cleaning so got my tablet started searching and found a chew toywhich at the same time works as a toothbrush. I was amazed and said I should give it a try and it was shockingly AMAZING! His teeth looked brighter and cleaner and no more stinky smell in the morning. Guess what, he is happy with his toy and I am happy to enjoy flawless good mornings.


4. M.r Scratchy here ruined my skin and furniture.


We all know that dogs communicate with us in 3 simple ways; either by eye contact, barking or the cute-but-hurtful paws gestures. So here is the thing when my baby boy is trying to get my attention, he loves to raise his paws and put them on my face. I don’t mind it at all it is kinda cute but when his nails touches me it feels like I am being tortured to give up information regarding the military defense, like seriously buddy I can’t live without you, but it will be nice if we both looked cute in the pictures! Everyone told me to go to the vet to get his nails trimmed, but he hates going to vets and he sometimes attacks them because of his anxiety towards vets in general. So, I have to do it myself and I am terrified of hurting him as am not a pro when it comes to this, so one of my friends recommended this high tech nail trimmer that literally guides you on how to cut dogs nails, I was like why not give it a try; my face is valuable to me, anyways I bought it and it is exactly how they mentioned it perfect for beginners with zero risk, it is a magical invention that saved me a lot of petrol money on the vet every month and also an additional $15 on every visit to get his nails trimmed, ladies and gentleman I introduce to you the solution that saved my face and furniture the High Tech Nail Trimmer.


5. Can I go to the bathroom alone please, Rocky?!


And I believe dogs, in general, do not have the concept of personal space and that is an issue for humans, so I want to go take shower light up my candles and relax in my tub, listen to music and have some alone time, but guess who can’t do that anymore? ME. Anyways I tried training to make him stay and not get in because once I close the door, he starts barking and we will get to that in a minute, so how to make him stay for a period of 45 minutes outside an open door without him coming in, it was an impossible task to train him to do that. I had to find a solution that helps me keep the door open and at the same time not let him in but he can still see me and I found this amazing ‘’Gate” which is perfect; it’s see-through, so voilà problem fixed and it is strong enough he can’t break it and I can train him to do so also as you need to do so he will understand it on its own, but finally I took a relaxing bath after along long time.


6. I know you don’t want to be alone but, Mommy needs to go to work.


The most common issue a lot of my friends of pet parents are having is the separation anxiety, I seriously can’t close a door in his face and he cannot see me and it is a release the kraken effect “woof, woof, woof”, way too much barking like seriously buddy am not going to leave you forever, stop doing it I feel bad for him but a bit annoying, my neighbors are friendly but I feel like they are annoyed also with this excessive barking. I applied for this e-book on how to fix this separation anxiety issue, and tried the methods mentioned in it and it actually did work!! Rocky is much relaxed now when I leave him even my neighbors thought something happened to him, as they didn’t hear from him for almost a week now, also I left him with this treat toy thingy that drops food and when food is mentioned near Rocky his face turns into the emoji with the two hearts eyes on it.


7. “So let’s take a walk boy but no dragging ok”, that is what I say everyday but my left bicep is stronger than my right for a reason.


Rocky loves going for walks like LOVE them, when he sees his leash it is like let’s go for a war and run, run, run, and I am being dragged behind him like a bag of potatoes. So I sometimes hate taking him for walks because of that I tried every technique but failed tried several training leashes but still failing so I found another book which all I had to do is give them my email and they send me an e-book that have a secret way of how to fix this thank god it worked with him. I feel less exhausted from all the dragging and pulling and finally I can go on a walk with him anytime anywhere without the fear of falling face first.


That is my story with my sweet little Rocky, I love him more than anything in this world he is literally my everything and there are 7 things I hate about him but, 7000 things I love about him, he is my forever baby boy.


Share this with your friends and family of pet owners to guide them to these solutions! 

Leave a comment stating any issues not mentioned here regarding your dog and I will be happy to contact you personally to find a solution for it :) 

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