4 Dazzling Pet Costumes You Can Get This Black Friday With 50% Off!

April 18, 2019 3 min read

You are probably ready for the upcoming Christmas parties, but is your furry best friend included in the plan, too?


While some are willing to invite friends, others have plans for their dogs' friends, as well. Your dog will definitely love to welcome some dog park friends over to your house to enjoy some good music and good eats. It is also a nice idea to use decorated paper lunch bags stuffed with delicious dog treats – including bone biscuits and jerky treats, of course. However, celebrations aren't only treats!

While we are getting prepared for joyful celebrations, our dogs are not clued in to the symbolism of the upcoming holiday. That's why it is up to us to keep them as ready as possible, and nothing can be more efficient than putting them in the mode by getting them one of the following dazzling costumes!


If you love to dress your dog in one of the awesome costumes trending now, then all what you need to do is to check out these 6 dazzling costumes. They are available now with flash sales, and you have plenty of time to order the perfect one for your precious buddy.


Original Price: $37:50

Flash Sale Price:
Dog Lion Mane Wig

If you are thinking of surprising your friends with the scary furious lion you got lately, this will grab attention from the first moment they step in. I'm sure this lion mane wig will stay as one of the best sellers for years, especially after the enhancements made to it.

With its adjustable size, this version is more comfortable and easier to wear to keep your dog looks like a lion for the longest time possible. Don't forget to get your camera ready to shoot the hilarious moments when your friends step in one after another to capture the most hilariously scary compilation video ever stared by your lion-looking dog.


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Original Price: $31.45
Flash Sale Price: $12.48

If you have a medium or small-sized dog with a kind of stylish personality, you will really love to see them walking around wearing this funny costume and grabbing all the attention. This piece of clothes are especially made to make small fur balls look fascinating. Besides, it will keep you little friend warm and cozy.
Step in to the party with your adorable small friend while all the eyes are staring at the shining smart man/lady you came with.

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Original Price: $16.99
Flash Sale Price: $14.25


Now, the party star is ready to get on stage. With a perfect musician hair style and a guitar, who wouldn't fall in love with your charming buddy? This very special costume will make your little dog step into the party with an awesome look, and it's very cozy, too.

It's perfect for Pug, Maltese, Jack Russell Terrier, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier Teddy, Corgi and so on. Moreover, this dazzling addition to your dog's collection is also perfect for weekend parties, birthdays and weddings. Your baby pet will win a lot of admiration wherever walking around wearing it.

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Original Price: $29.99
Flash Sale Price: $15.99

Who expects a dog that looks exactly like a miniature bull to step in to the party?

Well, it seems that the playtime is just about to begin, and guess what? Your fur friend will be the golden medal winning champ putting on this cowboy costume. Who would dare to challenge your tough buddy with a cowboy on his back anyway?

Besides no other pet would be able to compete, yours will feel so cozy wearing this unique costume.

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