April 18, 2019 2 min read

As scientists keep on studying and discovering our beloved dogs’ behaviors and mannerisms, they know more and more about their nature. In attempts to know how they really feel and think and what they experience. There are times that your dog tried to express its love for you, and you missed it or maybe didn’t get what it meant to tell you. Here are 10 attempts your dog has made to express its love;

1. Your dog brought you its favorite stuffed fox

You might think that your dog giving you its favorite toy and the thing that pops directly on your mind that your dog wants to play, right? That’s not true, for your
dog this is like a brand new iPhone 6 and it is offering it for you. Get him more toys to bring you
2. Your dog has just finished its dinner then it snuggled straight next to you
with a crystal clear sign that it loves you and loves being surrounding you.

3. Your dog imitated your dramatic yawn.

No, your dog is not making fun of you. The yawning is a sign of empathy among humans, but for your dog it is a sign that it shares your mood. Capture the perfect moment with your dog. 


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4. Your dog barley lifts its head when you leave home for work.

It is a fact that the dog who keeps calmer when you leave home is the one who is so confident that you will come back. Entertain your dog even when you're not home 

5. Your dog gets excited when you return home.

It is showering you with its kisses; Show him how happy you are to see him too by playing a game of tug (Game of tug when you come back home for 10-15 min)

6. Your dog gave you the old boxer pre-match stare down.

If you are playing, snuggling, or talking to your dog with relaxed eye contact, it is hugging you with its eyes. Reward his hugs with treats


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7. Your dog lifts its eyebrow up like the Rock

Your dog has so many facial expressions and this is a way of your dog
greeting you.

8. Your dog gives you a trust fall into the back of your knees.

Simply it means “Mom, Dad I love being so close to you”

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9. Your dog sleeping diagonally across your bed.

This is a huge symbol of loyalty because it wants you to be near its pack.
My side and my dog's side bed sheets

10. Your dog savored every second of love shared between you.

If you truly love your dog, it will returns the favor with these behaviors above.

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