A Woman from Wuhan is Identified as”Patient Zero” for Coronavirus

A Woman from Wuhan is Identified as"Patient Zero" for Coronavirus |

A woman from Wuhan is identified as patient zero for coronavirus. To know more about the story, check the

According to a document leaked to the media, a woman who was a shrimp peddler in the Wuhan market was identified as one of the first coronavirus patients and suspected of possibly being “patient zero”.

The 57-year-old woman named Wei Guixian was the first person in the Huanan market in Wuhan to test positive for the virus.

A Woman from Wuhan is Identified as"Patient Zero" for Coronavirus |
Credited: Geelong Advertiser

Wei started to feel sick on December, 10 of last year. In the beginning, she thought that she was experiencing cold symptoms so she went to a local clinic to get treatment and medication for what she thought was a cold.

“Every winter, I always suffer from the flu. So I thought it was the flu.” Wei said

After leaving the clinic, Wei headed back to work further spreading the coronavirus to others in the market.

“I felt a bit tired, but not as tired as previous years,” Wei said

On December 11, Wei went to a local clinic to receive an injection; however, she didn’t feel better after it so she went to the Eleventh Hospital in Wuhan.

So, did the doctors help treat her?


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