Why Does Our President Hate Dogs?

Why Does Our President Hate Dogs? |

Whether it was the Obamas or the Bushes, I don’t really care much about politics. I can’t tell you what was the name of Bush’s wife or the names of Obama’s daughters, but I can proudly tell you everything there is to know about the dogs of the 30 presidents who had dogs in White House.

Why Does Our President Hate Dogs? |

Having a dog in the White House has been kind of the norm. There have been 30 presidents who had at least one dog in the west wing during their presidency. As a matter of fact, the dogs of each president have always been the most important thing for me about the president, since I don’t really care or understand much about politics.

Why Does Our President Hate Dogs? |

However, as a dog person, I can feel like I can always tell a lot about a person by the way they treat dogs – whether they own dogs or not. I am one of those people that believe that dogs choose people as much as people choose dogs. I believe dogs can tell a bad person the moment they see them, and I gotta tell ya, my dogs always start barking or leave the room altogether when they see a certain Mr.Trump on the T.V

Does anyone remember when the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a special-forces raid in Syria? Killing this terrorist was a great act by the military’s special forces, but the president’s comment was that he “died like a dog”. Which, frankly, is offensive to dogs.

Most of us, unfortunately, have experienced the loss of a loved dog. We have all stood there, choking the tears, and trying our best to show our best friends the love they deserve in their last moments.

That’s how dogs die; they are surrounded by people who love them and others who are crying while saying their final goodbyes.

Mourning a dog is one of the hardest things one can do in his life because when we lose them, we feel like we’ve lost a part of our hearts that we can never get back.

However, when Donal Trump, the current president of our country, elaborated on his terrible comment, he made it even worse:

al-Baghdadi had “whimpered, cried and screamed like a coward. [He] spent his last moments in utter fear, in total panic and dread!”

Why Does Our President Hate Dogs? |
While Honoring Conan, the Belgian Malinois who attacked the Terrorist

That’s absolutely, definitely, undeniably, NOT how a dog dies. There are about 85 million families with more than 90 million dogs in the United States who can testify to this.

What’s even more interesting is that a dog of the K-9 unit was essential in this operation, and had successful injured al-Baghdadi before he detonated his suicide vest. Dogs are honorable, they shouldn’t be associated with nastiness.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time Mr.Trump made such an announcement. He also commented that Sen. Marco Rubio was “Sweating like a dog” at the 2016 debate.

He also said that Mitt Romney “choked like a dog” against Obama in the 2012 election, and that Beck and Ted Cruz’s communications directors was also “fired like a dog”.

There are plenty of other comments like that, and now that you know it, you can’t un-know it, much like once you see something, you can’t unsee it, you know? Now you will start noticing these horrible comments whenever he makes them. I don’t have the time or the capacity to go over all of his comments, because honestly, the man speaks a lot, like A LOT!.

So, what does this tell us about a person? It tells us that Mr.Trump thinks of dogs as nasty creatures that do nothing good. All he associates them with are nasty things like dying a terrible death, choking, sweating, and so on.

But this is not the truth of dogs. Dogs are loyal. Dogs love unconditionally. Dogs would sacrifice their lives without a second thought even if they have known you for a day. On the other hand, Mr.Trump is thinking of sacrificing thousands if not millions of American lives by opening up the economy before this dangerous Coronavirus is contained.

Vanity Fair wrote:

“To the president, dogs are capable of many things, none of which are particularly dog-like. Begging for money, for example. Getting dumped. Feeling ungrateful… Trump never compared anything to a dog that draws on how the animal famously is. It’s never ‘He’s loyal like a dog’… The creatures have never done much good in the Trumpian universe.

Why Does Our President Hate Dogs? |
President Barack Obama arrives with his dog Bo to read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom during activities at the annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Monday, April 1, 2013. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

But we don’t need to guess that the president doesn’t like dogs, we know for a fact he hates them:

“Donald was not a dog fan,” ex-wife Ivana confirmed in her memoir Raising Trump, recalling his hostility to her poodle, Chappy, who would “bark at him territorially”

GQ Magazine

For the president of the United States, hating dogs is very unusual. The American people have always had and adored dogs. We take pride in our love for dogs and our dogs’ love for us. We trust our dogs with our lives, we share our houses, meals, and even beds with them.

Why Does Our President Hate Dogs? |

Hating Dogs is a very un-American thing, one can say. Dogs offer unconditional love and loyalty, dogs think of us first and of themselves last, and I don’t know a single human being who can hate a creature with these qualities.

I don’t know about you, but I know I don’t like people who don’t like dogs, and I think hating dogs so much can say a lot about Mr.Trump. I hope someone will correct him on the errors of his ways, or someone please give him a dog so he can know what it’s like to be showered with unconditional love and loyalty, things which seem to be missing from his life.

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