Which Dog Has Long Hair and Their Grooming Needs

Which Dog Has Long Hair

Dogs are precious beings that deserve all of our love. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of adopting a fluffy, furry friend whom you can pat endlessly and style them to be kings and queens, and make them look like the divas you see on screen. Which dog has long hair and which one to get?

How would you choose though when all of these beautiful puppy eyes have a whimsical way of staring right into your soul? I will make it easier on you and help you determine which doga has long hair and even give you tips on how to groom and style their beautiful hair.

Many dog breeds have long hair, but today we’ll focus on three pretty little doggies.

  1. Maltese Dogs
  2. Shih Tzu
  3. Yorkshire Terrier

Which Dog Has Long Hair and how to groom and style them?

1) Maltese Dogs

Which Dog Has Long Hair | A Maltese Dog

They are amiable and playful dogs who get along smoothly with other dogs and people. This makes them the perfect addition to your house, especially if you already own other pets and have children.

Maltese dogs are characterized by their white coat and have stolen many hearts in beauty contests. Here is what you need to know about grooming their hair.

Before you clip their hair, make sure that they are immaculate. So a shower before hair clipping is a must. In the bathtub, start by wetting their hair with lukewarm water. Their hair must be entirely soaked cause they tend to have heavy, dense hair.

Of course, be careful around the eye area. Next, use a dog’s shampoo and conditioner and ensure that you rinse it all off completely. To dry your Maltese dog, set your blowdryer on cool. Afterwords, allow your dog to finish up drying themselves.

They will probably want to shake off the excess water on their face. Now that they are completely dry, grab your clippers, comb, and thinning shears from the Professional Pet Grooming Kit.

Which Dog Has Long Hair and Their Grooming Needs |

Brush through the hair, and use the clipper in the same direction of hair growth. Avoid going against the hair growth! Go over the back and belly, which you can reach by holding up the dog.

Put down the clippers while working on the head, and pick up the thinning shears instead. Brush forward and start trimming the hair around the eyes to prevent having long hair sticking into your dog’s eyes. Thinning scissors prevent blunt hair cuts, thus giving you a smoother finish. Do the same with the mustache and the chin area.

Becareful while handling the ears because they’re very sensitive. Hold the ear and brush it gently. Feel for where the ear ends, and leave at least an inch of hair after the ear’s end before you start trimming. Don’t forget about the hair on the feet and around the pads.

Finally but not least, brush the tail. Once again feel for the end, and lightly trim at least an inch after that.

2) Shih Tzu

Which Dog Has Long Hair | A Shih Tzu

If you are a huge fan of hairstyling your dogs, then let me introduce you to your new best friend. Shih Tzus are beautiful inside and out. Their flowy dense coat takes the term cuteness to a brand new level.

With their big personalities and playful nature, they will be the perfect addition to your family.

If not properly groomed, their hair could turn into knots and matt up. This would make your dog very uncomfortable as these mats form near the skin, making the area a bit sore and painful.

Today we’ll focus on the face and coat grooming, where the face is most important cause Shih Tzus are prone to tear stains. This could be avoided by keeping the hair around the face short.

A daily maintenance routine would include cleaning the tears gently with a cotton ball soaked in lukewarm water, the drying it with a towel. Beards are also considered to be a problematic area, cause dirt and food crumbles tend to get stuck there. You can clean the beard with a warm, wet towel, then dry it with another dry towel.

Which Dog Has Long Hair and Their Grooming Needs |

For the coat, brushing this petite, gorgeous dog twice a week should be good enough. However, the longer the hair gets, the more frequently you should brush it. Brushing doesn’t just prevent tangles and hair matting, which leaves your pet in pain. It also aids in removing dirt and parasites.

Shih Tzus have very sensitive skin. Keep the frequency of their baths to a bare minimum, and stick to only showering them before giving them a trim or a new haircut.

If you want to give your dog a prominent, yet low maintenance hairstyle, then go for the teddy bear cut, which a style where short hair meets fluffy locks. However, if you want that picture perfect, long hair, high maintenance look, then do the topknots.

This is a hairstyle where the hair would be long, but not to the point where it is dragging on the floor. The hair on the head will be assembled into a topknot with a pretty pin or cute scrunchy.

3) Yorkshire Terrier

Which Dog Has Long Hair | Yorkshire Terrier

Small beings with big hearts. Their loving personality is as beautiful as their hair. Yorkies are very compliant so they won’t give you a hard time while you bath and brush them.

These dogs have the iconic long, straight hair look going on, and they flaunt it so well! When it comes to styling Yorkshires, the options are endless. Some Yorkies have coarser hair, so make sure to determine what is their fur coat before proceeding with any grooming routines as they will vary greatly.

If your Yorkshire stays indoor, a bath would only be required every 3-4 weeks. But if they go out frequently, then weekly showers are recommended.

Never brush their hair unless it is wet; otherwise, hair breakage might occur. Detangle their hair prior to showers with your fingers. After washing and conditioning with dog products, brush and trim the hair according to the style you want. The teddy bear cut is super cute where you basically trim everything.

Which Dog Has Long Hair and Their Grooming Needs |

Who’s your favorite out of all three long-haired dogs? Let me know in the comments down below, and tell me if you want to read a step by step hairstyle tutorial in the future.

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