When to Change a Dog’s Diet and Why you should

When to Change a Dog's Diet and Why you should |

When to change a dogs

okay so a little confession here, I do cringe when I hear the word diet.

but it has been around for us humans for way longer than the term was introduced to the dog’s food.

now more than ever we see many experts tips about how switching dog food is really good for them. and some would even warn against the changing dog food side effects

and we are not taking sides!

we will let you know the most common diets out there, what they are good and why the are bad. so you can have perspective

However, there are special cases where following a specific diet is a must and we will tackle a few as well

First we will let you know the common different diets for dogs

  • Raw foods for dogs diet
  • Organic foods for dogs diet
  • Grain free foods for dogs diet

we will also tackle health issues that require following a specific diet

  • dog diet for pancreatities
  • dog diet diabetes


you should not just change your dog’s diet without consulting your vet, your pet’s health should be your priority when it comes to changing deist.\

3 Common dogs food diets

Organic Foods for dogs

Organic food for dogs advocates talk about Many potential benefits such as:

  • Digestive Improvements: 

Food that is high in protein is more digestible for dogs,  plus removing any chemical substances will enhance the digestive process causing many positive effects including “less gas”

  • Less exposure to diseases and Allergies: 

Some pets are allergic to chemical additives or artificial components that are in processed dog food by turning into natural ingredients you will help your dog’s immune system and reduce chances of an allergic reaction

  • Maintaining a Healthy weight:

Non-organic dog food might contain high levels of starch among other ingredients that may result in obesity. Organic food provides a higher level of nutrition to keep your dog’s health at best inside out.

  • Helps maintaining healthier and longer life for your dog

by making sure your dog is well fed and getting all the nutrition it needs you would be enhancing its quality of life. and organic natural ingredients mean more nutrition and fewer chances of illness and diseases.

  • Increasing your dog’s energy levels

Removing chemical and synthetic additives from your dog’s diet and replacing that with the organic food you dog can naturally digest, makes your dog more likely to remain active during the day. as the many nutrition ingredients in organic food is likely to provide a boost to energy levels.

Grain free dog food:

dog food that doesn’t contain grains like corn, wheat, rice, or quinoa.

grain free dog food advocates believe that dogs’ digestive system is not designed to handle complex carbohydrates components, so they are replaced with easy to digest sources of carbohydrates like potatoes

All in all, it appears that there is an option for every dog parent out there seeking better diet options for their dog. and you can almost find diets that work for all dog breeds and sufficient for any dog sizes, from small breeds dogs to large breed dogs and even hypoallergenic dogs.

Hypoallergenic dog owner or not, make sure to consult your vet to better decide on the best diet option for your dog.

Raw foods for Dogs:

If you have ever tried giving your dog meat on the bone, you might have noticed how they enjoy chewing on it. But there is much more to raw food diet than just that.

Basically any type of raw animal meats would work, chickens, pork, beef, and turkey to name a few.

Raw meat sources can vary to even include fish meat. But it must be frozen first as it might be infected with worms that can turn to populate your dog, which is something no one wants to happen to their dog.

A raw food diet would also contain raw organs, like hearts, livers, kidneys, and spleen.

so to sum it up the main ingredients of raw food for dogs diet would contain raw meat, as well as raw organs.

some of the reasons raw diet for dogs is not favorited by experts revolve around two factors

  • lake of variety:

meaning your dog is less likely to receive all the nutrition it needs by just depending on a raw diet. as studies showed that domesticated dogs have genetically evolved to better consume human food.

  • it is raw:

raw meat means bacteria, the type of bacteria that causes food poisoning, and can affect household members not just pets like E.Coli

also the fact that raw food contains bones mean that your dog could be at risk of cocking on them.

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