What dogs don’t shed hair! (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds)

what dogs don't shed hair

What dogs don’t shed hair? Most people are probably asking this question these days. It’s a very valid health concern for people who have allergies.

In reality, all dogs shed to some degree, so the term “non-shedding dogs” is a bit misleading. However, there are some breeds of dogs who rarely shed their coat or just shed very little hair.

Today, I am going to share with you eleven different dog breeds that are considered to be hypoallergenic!

What dogs don’t shed hair?

We gathered a helpful list for you that contains eleven Dog breeds that don’t shed a lot of hair, and thus are great for people who have allergies. If you want a list of small dogs that don’t shed, then make sure you check out our 11 Super Cute Small Dog Breeds that Don’t Shed blog post.

What dogs don't shed hair!  (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds) |

1. What dogs don’t shed hair: Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier is about 15 inches long, and they weigh between 20 and 24 pounds. They’re beautiful and have a double coat with a woolly underneath coat and a long, beautiful topcoat.

The Tibetan terriers dogs are proof that hypoallergenic doesn’t mean no hair. These cute dogs shed minimally, yet they require a lot of grooming.

What dogs don't shed hair!  (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds) |

2. What dogs don’t shed hair:Brussels Griffon

One look into Brussels Griffon’s big eyes and you will be smitten. These cute dogs come in four colors: red, black-and-reddish-brown, black and tan, and black. They could have a smooth coat or a rough coat.

The black muzzle and whiskers of the Brussels Griffon have earned them the nickname of “bearded dogs” mostly due to old folk songs. 

The Brussels Griffon’s big black eyes, which is often described as “almost human” their cute fringe beard, and their crazily beautiful mustache covering their short muzzle makes them look like a French-speaking philosopher.

The Brussels Griffon’s body is thick and sturdy. They move with the purposeful walk of a fellow who knows exactly what they want.

The Griffons are friendly, alert, and easy to train. Because they don’t shed all the time, they’re great for people who suffer from allergies

Although they are playful and energetic, these small dogs are very sensitive, making them a bad choice if you have kids who like to engage their pets in rough play.

The Griffons don’t like to be left alone for long periods, and you’ll always find them sitting near to their human companions.

What dogs don't shed hair!  (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds) |

3. What dogs don’t shed hair: Portuguese Water Dog

These dogs are known as the Cao de Agua, which means (dog of the water). They’re also called the Portuguese fishing dog. The Portuguese Water Dog is a calm, intelligent, and a water-loving breed.

Did you know that one of their distinctive characteristics is their webbed feet?

Porties, as these dogs are nicknamed, are friendly and playful. They are great for an active family who loves to have fun, especially for a family who has a swimming pool or live nearby beach.

They thrive with training; they also are well suited to dog sports such as agility, obedience, rally, therapy work, tracking, and water work. 

The Portuguese water dog doesn’t shed hair, so they’re very suitable for people who want a dog that doesn’t shed much hair or for those who have allergies.

What dogs don't shed hair!  (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds) |

4. What dogs don’t shed hair: Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier or like they call them (Wheaten) originated in Ireland as versatile farm dogs.

Today, this dog is a versatile family dog who can adapt to living in the city or the country as long as they get the exercise and attention they need.

The Wheaten dogs don’t shed hair, so they’re great for people with allergies. This dog is highly people-oriented, and they also love kids.

Their moderate size and exercise needs make them an excellent breed for people to adopt.

This cutie will enjoy going for long walks, hikes, and playing fly ball. The Wheaton breed is also very agile who can track and herd. They’re also considered to be great therapy dogs.

Your Wheaten dog might greet you by running towards you and standing up for a kiss or jumping into your arms. The will twirl when they are happy.

When they rest their heads on your lap like a little baby, this means that they want something. You’ll see them frowning if you take them outside on a rainy day.

What dogs don't shed hair!  (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds) |

5. What dogs don’t shed hair: Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is such a tiny breed that originated in the Mediterranean. 

Bichon is such a cute small dog, but they’re strong. Despite their petite size, they’ve never been classified as a Toy dog breed by the American Kennel Club. These dogs are actually members of the Non-Sporting Group.

You will find that the  Bichons are white dogs (puppies may be cream or pale yellow sometimes), with beautiful black eyes and cute black noses. Their arched necks give them a prestigious, confident look, and their tails curve gracefully over their backs.

Because Bichon Frise is a small dog, they are good pets for people who live in apartments. But you will notice that they do have a lot of energy, and thus they must daily exercises daily.

Because this breed doesn’t shed much, the Bichons are highly recommended for people who have allergies.

P.S: Before you commit to adopting any hypoallergenic breed, spend some time with the dog first to see if they trigger your allergy.

What dogs don't shed hair!  (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds) |

6) What dogs don’t shed hair: Maltese Terrier

The Maltese Terrier is a companion dog who is both friendly and fearless! Their gorgeous white coat is fluffy, yet they only shed a little bit.

What dogs don't shed hair- Maltese Terrier dog

Despite their prestigious and noble looks, they are actually significant when it comes to competition. Not only are they great when it comes to tracking, rallying, and being obedient, but they could also be therapy dogs.

Who knew that such cute and friendly little creatures could turn out to be so mighty?

The Maltese Terriers are considered to be one of the gentlest breeds, so they’re great if you have any kids. If someone in your house has allergies, then don’t worry.

Despite their lovely looking coat, they don’t shed much, and they don’t require much grooming.

If you’re getting a Maltese Terrier puppy though, beware if you have kids cause they might get because their playing sessions could get a bit rough.

The Maltese are loving, playful, and energetic pups, which are perfect companions for people with dog allergies.

What dogs don't shed hair!  (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds) |

7) What dogs don’t shed hair: Shih Tzu

If have a family member who has allergies and you’re looking for a super friendly and loyal four-legged best friend to adopt, then consider getting a Shih Tzu.

They are tiny but mighty; they’re often referred to as little lion dogs. The Shih Tzu was bred in Ancient China.

What dogs don't shed hair: Shih Tzu

If you wanted to have a small yet strong dog with long, beautiful hair, but don’t want to deal with their hair shedding, then adopt a Shih Tzu!

Of course, they shed some hair, but that only happens when you brush. You can brush their hair regularly outdoors to reduce the mess and avoid triggering anyone’s allergies.

The Shih Tzu is also very playful and gentle, which makes one of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds to adopt.

What dogs don't shed hair!  (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds) |

8) What dogs don’t shed hair: Poodles ( Standard, Miniature, and Toy)

It might be a bit surprising to know that Poodles are hypoallergenic. The surprises don’t end there, though because guess what? They’re also mostly odor-free!

Though hypoallergenic, a Poodle’s coat requires some grooming attention. Their curly coats should be brushed and clipped regularly. This gorgeous coat is very high maintenance. 

What dogs don't shed hair: Poodles ( Standard, Miniature, and Toy)

You can use a bristle or a slicker brush to brush and detangle their hair. You don’t want you precious poodle to be in pain due to their matting.

It is very important to note that if their coat is neglected, poodles will be prone to getting a variety of different skin infections.

Poodles are very intelligent, sociable, and very easy to train, so they would be a fantastic addition to your family if you’re willing to put in the time and effort in maintaining their gorgeous coat.

What dogs don't shed hair!  (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds) |

9) What dogs don’t shed hair: West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier’s coat is wiry and dense, yet they shed minimally. Even though they shed some of their double coat, they’re still considered to be a hypoallergenic breed.

 This hypoallergenic dog breed must be brushed daily, and groomed regularly. Although they’re so tiny, they’re very active and should exercise daily.

What dogs don't shed hair: West Highland White Terrier

Westies are full of glee and are very affectionate towards humans; however, they tend to be a bit hostile towards other animals. That coldly be a problem if you have other pets at home.

Overall, the West Highland White Terrier is a great hypoallergenic dog to adopt if you have kids and you’re prepared to brush and exercise them daily.

What dogs don't shed hair!  (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds) |

10) What dogs don’t shed hair: Havanese

It’s timer you to meet Cuba’s national dog! The Havanese breed is very agile and obedient. They’re petite and adorable with their short legs and long hair.

Though their hair is going to require regular grooming, the Havanese dogs don’t shed. This means that they’re a great hypoallergenic breed to adopt.

What dogs don't shed hair: Havanese

A Havanese dog is a great family companion and one of the best child’s playmate. Not only are they very gentle, but they’re also very intelligent. Training them isn’t going to be hard, and they’re capable of herding poultry.

What dogs don't shed hair!  (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds) |

11) What dogs don’t shed hair: Chinese Crested

There are two different types of the Chinese Crested dog breed, hairless and powderpuff. Both of which shed minimal to no hair, making them an excellent hypoallergenic dog breed to adopt.

What dogs don't shed hair!  (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds) |

Two of the reasons why the Chinese Crested dogs shed minimally is because ether don’t need to exercise vigorously and they don’t require a backyard.

This sensitive dog is super friendly very everyone, from children and family members, to even cats!

If you’re looking for an elegant dog that is hypoallergenic, doesn’t need to get much exercise, friendly to everyone, and that is very agile then the Crested Chinese dog is the one that you should adopt.

If you want to a list of small dogs that have long hair, then check out our 7 Long Haired Small Dog Breeds blog post. If you already own a dog that sheds a lot, click here to learn more about why dog’s shed and how to minimize hair shedding.

What dogs don't shed hair!  (11 Hypoallergenic Breeds) |

That’s it for today’s post. I hope you now know what are some hypoallergenic dogs.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick the breed that suits your needs best. So far, what are your top three hypoallergenic breed choices?

If you have any questions regarding today’s topic, then feel free to leave them in the comments down below. Let us know if you’ve already adopted one of these dogs and what did you name them.

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