What Do You Do with Your Dog When You Go on Vacation?

What Do You Do with Your Dog When You Go on Vacation? |

One of the most common concerns among pet owners is what they should do with their dogs when they go on vacation. Some people choose to take their dogs with them wherever they can, while others prefer to leave them at home or in a boarding facility. We will be discussing some of the different options available to you so you can prepare for your next vacation. 

Enter into a Neighborhood Pet-Sitting Agreement

If you are close with your neighbors, you could consider speaking to them about a pet-sitting arrangement during vacations. When you are away, your neighbor could stop by your house and care for your dog a few times per day, or they could even have the dog stay with them for the duration if it is possible to do so. Then when your neighbors go on vacation, you can return the favor. 

Even if they don’t have pets, you can arrange to stop by their home to take care of the plants or check the mail as an exchange.

Board Your Pet

Deciding to leave your pet at home may be the right decision for both of you. If you do not have anyone who can check in on your dog, try looking into pet hotels. This is a facility that provides basic care for your dogs, such as feeding, exercise, and playtime. The best pet hotels tend to offer additional services such as grooming or longer walks. Your dog will also be able to socialize with other animals if you want them to. Staff members will supervise the animals to ensure that everyone gets along with each other. 

Many pet hotels will allow you to take a tour of the location before you book with them. The staff will want you to see the level of attention that they provide to the animals. When you book your dog into a pet hotel, bring some of their items to leave with them. They will be more comfortable if they can smell or feel their toys, blankets, or other objects to help them feel at home.

Leave Your Pet with the Vet

Another boarding option would be if you left your pet with your vet while you are away. This is often what owners end up doing if their dog is older or requires specific medical care. Your dog may not like this option as much, so be sure to leave behind their favorite treats and toys. You can enjoy your vacation knowing that your dog is in the safe hands of your trusted veterinarian. 

Take the Dog with You

You know your dog best, so only you would be able to decide if they could handle traveling with you. It would also depend on where you are going. For instance, if you are traveling far away on an airplane, it would probably not be in the dog’s best interests to take them with you. 

Camping trips within a few hours away or less is a perfect example of a good time to bring your dog with you. The dog will not have to spend too much time traveling, and they can enjoy the great outdoors when you arrive. They can also sleep in your tent or trailer with you, so you do not need to worry about finding pet-friendly accommodations. 

Hire a Dog Sitter

Your dog may prefer to stay home while you are away, in their familiar environment. In this case, you can hire someone to stop by and take care of them. The terms of the agreement will depend on how often and for how long you want the sitter to be there. 

Be sure to check the sitter’s references, particularly if you have never worked with them in the past. You will want peace of mind that you have left your dog with a caring and capable individual.

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