What Do Dog Sleeping Positions Mean?

What Do Dog Sleeping Positions Mean?
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Pose number two: The lion sleeping pose

What Do Dog Sleeping Positions Mean- A dog sleeping in the lion sleeping pose

If you notice that your beloved pooch is sleeping with their head lying on top of their paws, then this means that your dog is just resting or that they are just about to fall asleep.

“If you see a dog in a lion pose—with his paws stretched forward and head resting on his paws like the statues of reclining lions in front of some government buildings—the dog is apt to be simply dozing and not in a deep sleep state,” says Dr. Stanley Coren on PetMd.com.

If your dog is not resting and they are just dosing off, you will soon notice a change in their sleeping position.


Once your dog begins dreaming, their muscles will relax. This muscle relaxation means that your dog’s sleeping position is going to transition from the lion sleeping pose to your dog’s regular sleeping pose.

Up next is the superman sleeping position!

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