Watch Now: A Baby Farts Near a Dog’s Face, and the Dog’s Reaction is Priceless!

What Happens When A Baby Farts Near a Dog's Face? - The Dog's Reaction is Priceless!

No one likes it when someone farts near their face. Not even your four-legged best friend is going to stay next to you when you let out a nasty, smelling fart.

However, picture this, your baby and your dog are sitting next to each other. Your dog is curled up and sleeping with their head is 10” away from your baby’s butt.

Watch Now: A Baby Farts Near a Dog's Face, and the Dog's Reaction is Priceless! |
Credits: A Screenshot from the YouTube Video

There is a video on YouTube that captured this scenario, and it is just the funniest thing ever that I have seen since quarantine started!

The poor baby was struggling, and when he finally farted, his older furry brother gave him a nasty look then leaped off the couch right away!

You can watch this iconic video and see the dog’s reaction on the next page!

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