Vet Exposes ‘Scary’ Secret the Pet Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know: ‘Literally The Devil!’

Vet Exposes 'Scary' Secret the Pet Food Industry Doesn't Want You To Know: 'Literally The Devil!' |

Pet Owners want nothing but the best for their four-legged friends, and some of us think of our dogs and cats as our children, so we treat them accordingly.

Unfortunately, the pet food industry have been the subject for a lot of questions and accusations lately, and things are not looking good. This is especially worrying considering the pet food industry is a billion-dollar industry and it’s estimated that it will be worth 30.01 billion U.S. dollars in 2022.

More importantly, there has recently been a shift from owners to pay more in order to get more organic food without any artificial ingredients that is hurting their animals, but it looks like the “organic” label is a purely false one, along with many other labels and claims by pet food manufacturers.

Andrew Woods is a veterinarian that has quite a following on YouTube and TikTok, and he is concerned with animal behaviors and answering the questions of dogs owner, but recently, he started a video series on TikTok to expose the dangers of what pet food companies are doing behind the scenes.


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Dilated cardiomyopathy is a horrible heart condition when the heart valves get too big and they can’t pump blood effectively,

He explained in the video

Woods went on to do further investigations and added in another video that told his audience that the FDA has discovered that the link is not even exclusive to grain-free dog food, but it’s also found exotic and boutique dog food.

You know those dog food brands that are super expensive and have really Earthy things in the background?

Yeah, that’s probably a [boutique, exotic, grain-free] diet

Woods then lists out brands of dog food that should be replaced as soon as possible:

  • Zignature
  • Taste of the Wild
  • 4Health
  • Earthborn Holistic
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Nature’s Domain
  • Merrick
  • California Natural
  • Natural Balance
  • Orijen
  • Nature’s Variety
  • NutriSource
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish.

A lot of dog lovers defended the grain-free diet in the comments section, claiming that Woods was only saying this to get more money as a vet. Others explained in the comments that this can’t be true because vets actually make a commission on the science diet, which is the only reason they try to sell it to dog owners. However, Woods made it clear in the comments that he doesn’t make any commission from recommendations he makes.

Watch the whole series on his TikTok here.

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