The World’s Ugliest Dog Competition Is Coming, Is Your Pup Up for It?

winners of the world's ugliest dog competition

“Give this Dog an award, he’s TOO DAMN UGLY”
That’s not a phrase you hear every day, but in the world’s ugliest dog competition,

It’s a phrase you so wanna hear

There are not a lot of places where you might be rewarded for unappealing physical traits. But at The World’s Ugliest Dog Competition The uglier the Pup, The better

Come on,
Don’t be so shallow,
It’s not just the looks that matter, it’s what is the inside …
We hope!!

Every day is a day to celebrate the world’s cutest pups, but June 21st is the day to celebrate the not-so-adorable dogs at the 27th annual World’s Ugliest Dog Competition

This year, The world’s ugliest dog competition will be held at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds and Event Center in Petaluma, California.

During this event, over 20 dogs will be judged on appearance, breed, and personality, competing for a $1,500 prize.

The Ugliest Dog Competition
credit: Sonoma marine

Many of the contestants were rescued from shelters and puppy mills by their owners and now find themselves in the spotlight despite their physical appearances.

According to the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds website, the goal of the event is to raise awareness of animal rescue. “We tend here to celebrate the spirit and imperfections that make these dogs lovable and adoptable,” says Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds CEO Sarah Cummings.

Yeah, spirit!!
At least there is something going for those poor doggies,

In this article, we gonna give you everything you need to know about The World’s Ugliest Dog Competition, So without any further ado let’s start with our first question, Shall we?!

What is The World’s Ugliest Dog Competition?

The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is an event held annually in Petaluma, California as part of the Sonoma-Marin Fair, to decide which of the dogs entered in the contest is the ugliest.

I wonder who was the first one that came with this Weird Idea

The Ugliest Dog Competition
credit: visit Petaluma

The Competition, along with the rest of the fair, is typically scheduled for the fourth week of June.

Along with the title of “The World’s Ugliest Dog”, The winner’s owner receives a check for $1,000 and a trophy. As of 2017, the prize has been increased to $1,500, A trophy and a free trip to New York City.

Each year, As many as 2,000–3,000 people attend the contest during the fair along with significant media coverage.

The Ugliest dog competition dates back to the 1970s.

In 2009, The organizers of The Sonoma-Marin Fair Trademarked the phrase World’s Ugliest Dog.

Well, That sounds convenient!!
I guess they feared everyone will start using that phrase referring to their dog !!!!!

In 2013, It was the 25th anniversary of the contest as a fair-produced event, and an anniversary book, World’s Ugliest Dogs, was published with text by the contest’s producer of seven years, Vicki DeArmon. The book included photos by photographers who have covered the contest over the years for the fair.

Seriously, What is The Aim of The World’s Ugliest Dog Competition?

Bear with me, Please.
This is serious stuff,

More than just a contest of lovable attributes, The World’s Ugliest Dog competition brings visibility to the many pups who end up rescuing the families that have adopted them rather than the other way around.

The Ugliest Dog Competition
credit: Sonoma Marin

Many of the pets entered in the past have been animals that have been adopted after being rescued from shelters or puppy mills. The owners of these dogs have taken them In Despite Physical Features like hair loss, hunched backs or dental deformities that make it difficult to place them in forever homes.

The Goal of the Contest is to continue to advocate for pet adoption as a reminder that all Dogs are Lovable.

By participating,
Contestants will also be part of an initiative to help
sheltered and displaced pets find their forever home
and promote awareness for pet safety.

This year’s contest welcomes back a prize match donation for a pet rescue/adoption nonprofit pre-selected by each winner.

The World's Ugliest Dog Competition
credit: Sonoma Marin

The contest day, Friday, June 21, begins with pre-contest entertainment and information on pet care and adoption. Pups and handlers then stroll the red carpet to show off their silliest qualities to the judges, international media, and fans.

Last year’s winner  Zsa Zsa, a rescued English Bulldog from Anoka, Minnesota charmed her way into the judges’ hearts with her swaggering tongue and a shower of slobber.

Other winners have included qualities like a perpetually long wagging tongue, hairless legs, or a duck-footed gait.

No feature is too ugly to take the show!

The top 3 winners will receive a trophy, cash prize, and notoriety. The first-place winner will be swept off to New York for television appearances with a grand prize of $1500.

How to Participate in The World’s Ugliest Dog Competition?

You just need an Ugly Dog,
I’m kidding, Of course,
Your pup needs to be Really Ugly!!!

Dogs generally come from all across the United States but also foreign dogs are more than welcome to enter.

If your pooch is ugly, he has a place Here!!!

In contrast to conformation shows (which are restricted to purebreds), the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest has separate divisions for pedigreed dogs and mutts, with the two winners then competing for the overall prize, and contestants are not judged against any breed specification.

The World's Ugliest Dog Competition
credit: USA Today

On a serious note, Dog owners must provide documentation of veterinarian checks to determine the competing animal is healthy.

The Sonoma-Marin Fair has also partnered with animal rights groups such as the Sonoma County humane society to educate the public about animals and to provide opportunities to adopt rescue dogs.

The fair issues a photo of the winner, a press release summing up the contest, and YouTube video within hours of the contest conclusion.

The selected contestants for each new year are featured on the website before the contest as well in the World’s Ugliest Dog Voting Gallery.

You can vote,
and you can vote and you can vote,

Here is a look back at 15 years of winners from California’s famous World’s Ugliest Dog Competition

The 15 Ugliest Dogs in The World Ever!!!

ZSA ZSA. The World's Ugliest Dog Competition

Zsa Zsa (2018)

A wide stance, teeth-exposing underbite, and tongue that hangs almost to the ground helped her beat 13 other pups and win $1,500, a supersized trophy and a trip to New York City for media appearances during the 2018 Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. The Minnesota-based English bulldog was a rescue, plucked from a puppy mill and found by owner Megan Brainard

credit: people

Martha. The World's Ugliest Dog Competition

Martha (2017)

Gentle and “gassy” Neapolitan Mastiff Martha (who weighs 125 lbs.) took home the top prize in 2017, where she apparently won over judges by flopping on the stage during her presentation.

credit: people

Sweepee Rampoo. The World's Ugliest Dog Competition

Sweepee Rampo (2016)

After placing second in 2015, the 17-year-old Chinese crested (who, sadly, passed away in October 2016)  finally took the top prize with a milky right eye, big ears, and that tongue.

credit: people

Quasai Modo. The World's Ugliest Dog Competition

Quasai Modo (2015)

The hunchback 10-year-old pit bull-Dutch shepherd mix was Ugly Dog perfection that year, beating out 26 other pups

credit: people

Peanut. The World's Ugliest Dog Competition

Peanut (2014)

The 2-year-old mutt’s owner hoped the pup, a burn survivor, would bring awareness to an important cause with his win. “We wanted to use him as a poster child for what can happen to animals who are abused,”  Holly Chandler, the owner

credit: people

Wallee. The World's Ugliest Dog Competition

Walle (2013)

With an unusually large head, humpback, and duck-like waddle, This 4-year-old has won the top prize at the 25th annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. “His head has always been bigger than his body,” said his owner Tammie Barbee.

credit: people

Mugly. The World's Ugliest Dog Competition

Mugly (2012)

What’s in a name? For a dog called Mugly, it’s a whole lot of ugly. At the age of 8, This Chinese crested is already one of the U.K.’s ugliest dog honorees, won big in 2012. He and his owner Bev Nicholson celebrated their britishness with Union Jack-embellished accessories.

credit: people

Yoda.  Ugliest Dog Competition

Yoda (2011)

The force was with this 14-year-old mutt when she snagged the trophy at the 23rd annual contest. Sadly, her reign was short-lived: She died just eight months later.

credit: people

The World's Ugliest Dog Competition Is Coming, Is Your Pup Up for It? |

Princess Abby (2010)

She may look like she’s bowing before her public, but this one-eyed Chihuahua had a back deformity – most likely caused by inbreeding – that propelled her to the winner’s circle.

credit: people

The World's Ugliest Dog Competition Is Coming, Is Your Pup Up for It? |

Pabst (2009)

Things got downright unsightly when this 4-year-old boxer mix ran off with the 2009 title, beating out the favorite, the Chinese Crested.

credit: people

Gus. Ugliest Dog Competition

Gus (2008)

He’s not winking! The one-eyed Chinese crested from St. Petersburg, Florida, strutted his stuff (on just three legs!) and took home a $1,600 cash prize

credit: people

El Wood. Ugliest Dog Competition

El Wood (2007)

That’s a Mohawk to remember! The 2-year-old Chinese crested’s mane was immortalized in a children’s book after his win.

credit: people

Archie.  Ugliest Dog Competition

Archie (2006)

Do you kiss your mother with that tongue? Yes, and she loves it! The toothless Chinese-crested-Chihuahua mix was plucked from death row by doting owner Heather Peoples.

credit: people

Sam.  Ugliest Dog Competition

Sam (2005)

Triple crown! It was three years and three wins for the blind Chinese crested that had been rescued from a shelter by his Santa Barbara, California, owner. His unforgettable mug landed him on Criss Angel’s Mindfreak Halloween special.

credit: people

Rascal. Ugliest Dog Competition

Rascal (2004)

Bad looks run in the family! The Chinese crested’s grandfather, Chi Chi, was celebrated by the Guinness Book of World Records for his eight Ugly Dog titles.

credit: people

That’s it.

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