How to Train a Dog in an Apartment to Not Pee?

How to Train a Dog in an Apartment to Not Pee? |

Now, that’s a very important question when you have a dog in an apartment. We are here, today, to give you the answers, solutions, and the affordable products that you need.

To train your dog to not pee in the apartment; you need to check first if there are any medical issues, increase pee-breaks, praise your dog when he/she pee in the right place, don’t use negative reinforcement, and get professional help.

When you have a puppy dog in an apartment, you know that accidents could happen, and you kind of accept it; because you know he/she still has time to train not to pee in the apartment. However, it could be very frustrating if your adult dog started peeing all over your apartment’s floor and furniture.

Why is your dog peeing in the house?

Well, there a few different reasons. A dog in an apartment that is peeing everywhere could be, according to the recent study, marking his/her territory, overly excited, anxious, afraid, or having medical issues.

If your four-legged friend is still a puppy; so, don’t worry about it potty-training can easily be addressed during puppyhood. But, if we are talking about a grown-up dog, already house trained, or an old dog friend; so, yes, you have a problem and are in the right place to find the help you need.

a dog in an apartment
No worries, puppy.

Medical Issues

If you have a dog in an apartment, who is already well-house-trained, and out of nowhere, started peeing all over the place. The first thing you should start doing is checking for any medical issues.

One of the most common dog infections in dogs that causes peeing more frequently; is the (UTI) or, the Urinary Tract Infection. This infection is, according to the AKC, is more frequent in 7-years-old dogs and up.

Also, the Urinary Tract Infection’s symptoms are not just frequently peeing; dribbling urine, licking around the urinary opening, whimpering during urination. So, if you found any of those other symptoms, make an appointment with your dog’s veterinarian, before you get angry with him/her.

What if your dog’s peeing problem is not because of (UTI)?

Well, there are other medical issues you should check with your dog’s veterinarian is your dog has any of them before we head to other issues. Those other medical issues are Bladder infections, stones, tumors, and incontinence.

However, incontinence (urine leakage), is more common in female dogs and, according to the AKC Canine Health Foundation, it occurs during the night while the dog is sleeping.

Moreover, researchers found that 28% of dogs 11-16 years old have (CDS), or the Cognitive dysfunction syndrome, which could be a very good reason for your senior dog to pee on him/herself; because he/she simply forgot.

a dog in an apartment
Everything is going to be fine, my friend.

A dog in an apartment that has medical issues lead to accidents, is frustrated and exhausting; I totally understand that. However, it is not an unsolved problem or something you should stress yourself, or make your dog feel uncomfortable because of it, as mentioned before, sometimes he/she doesn’t mean to.

That being said, you should be thankful, because your dog is just peeing, other dogs are eating their poop; so, yes, you got my point.

What if your dog’s peeing problem is not medical? What if it is a behavioral issue? Well, in that case, let’s talk about the behavioral problems that lead to peeing all over your house, and ruining your furniture.

Behavioral Issues

There are different reasons why your dog’s behavior changes in different stages of his/her life; some of these reasons are related to his/her personality, age, or even sometimes your dog is trying new things he saw other dogs do.

Not all changes in a dog’s behavior are bad, sometimes they start doing something cute; like winking. However, sometimes those behavioral issues can turn to a disaster like peeing in the house. Therefore you need to pay attention to those changes.


Dogs are more likely to mark their territory to show other dogs that this is the place they live in, also it is a way of communicating with other dog’s; so, dogs see that who is nearby. Maybe we can say that this the way they say hello to each other.


Well, some kids do that; when they are super excited they just can’t control themselves, and it is kind of the same with dogs. Some doge when they get super excited about something they like, for instance, a new toy, food time, playing time, your keys when you are home; they can’t control themselves.

Also some dogs when they get too excited their bottom lip quiver.


Some dogs are so sensitive towards specific things; maybe loud voice, huge truck sounds, moving heavy stuff, fireworks, or loud songs. Also, we can’t deny that hurting a dog in any way by using negative reinforcement can lead to such a thing; your dog becomes afraid of you, or of whoever hurt him/her or punished him/her.

In addition to that, some dogs don’t like strangers. They feel anxious about them, they become afraid of someone breaks into his/her territory.

It’s also worth noting that some dogs pee everywhere for reasons other than those mentioned, it could simply because of poor house training.

dog in an apartment

How to stop a dog in an apartment from peeing all over the place?

Well, the first thing you should do is not thinking of letting go of your dog or give him/her away. That kind of behavior is not accepted at all; you need to think of how your dog is going to be hurt, disappointed, and will lose faith in humanity if you do so.

That being said, this problem can be solved with two main factors: simple steps, and affordable, easy to use products.

Simple steps to stop your dog from peeing in your apartment.

Identify why your dog is peeing on him/herself

This step is pretty simple. All you have to do is knowing the exact reason for this kind of behavior, then everything else is going to be just fine after that because you will be already aware of the reasons.

Stop the trigger before it starts.

Well, if your dog pee when he/she is excited about something, don’t show it to him/her all of a sudden, give him/her the time he/she needs to chill; then give him/her a treat for chilling. So, he/she will learn that you don’t like it when he pees out of excitement.

Accordingly, apply that on the rest of triggers.

Re-train your dog.

If your dog is already trained before, so all you need to do is refreshing his/her memory, and re-train your dog. Repeat the steps gradually, and use positive reinforcement while training your dog.

Increase pee-breaks.

If you found that your dog needs more pee breaks, so increase the number of times you are taking him/her out to pee. It can really help to avoid accidents from happening.

Clean up the mess.

You don’t want your dog to smell the place he peed on, and feel that it is okay to pee here over and over again. So, make sure you clean up the mess.

Have patience.

It can take some time to put your, four-legged friend, back to the right track, so be patient and give your dog the time he/she needs to understand what she should do. Also, don’t use negative reinforcement it will only destroy your relationship with your dog, and he/she will not learn anything.

Ask for an expert’s help.

Talk to your dog’s vet, ask him what you should do, and what you should avoid doing; maybe he has something to add, or maybe he knows some training expert he can recommend.

However, all of that may not help you save your apartment floors and your fancy furniture from being ruined. Also, “sorry for my dog’s bad behavior” will not help you much if your boss or your mother-in-law visited you one day and your dog started peeing everywhere, or in her/his shoes.

Therefore, I offer you those unbelievably amazing, easy to use, affordable, and ON SALE products.

The first product we have here ladies and gentlemen is the amazing, washable, fashionable, reusable, on a sale pee pad.

Why you should get your dog a pee pad, now?

If you have a dog in an apartment accident will happen, they are dogs; they can’t ask you where the toilet is, or they ask you to excuse them in a middle of the conversation so they can go release themselves. They go when they feel that they need to go.

Therefore, it is better to have a plan B if you are in an apartment, and you can’t just run with your dog whenever you feel that he/she will pee on the floor. And the pee pad is undoubtedly the perfect plan B.

More reasons to get your dog a pee pad…

  • It is made of four protective layers to prevent any drop of unwanted liquid, in the case pee, to drop on your floor; so, your floor will stay clean.
  • It can be used on the floor, carpets, furniture, car seats, and also the dog’s own crate.
  • It saves time and money. It is a reusable pad, that can be used several times, you don’t need to buy more than one, and all you need is to wash it; just put it in the washing machine.
  • It made of high-end material that are amazingly gentle on your dog’s skin, and safe for your dog.
  • Not to mention how cute the design is!
How to Train a Dog in an Apartment to Not Pee? |
Dog’s pee pad

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Well, is that the only offer I have for you, today? No!

We have this amazing, cozy, washable, and also on sale home shaped bed for puppies.

How dog’s bed can help with the dog peeing issue?

Well, a very important reason for why your dog is peeing all over the house is that he/she is marking his/her territory. So, your dog wants to feel like that he/she has a place that is just her/him, has its smell, and their toys.

Therefore, it is extremely important to give your dog what he/she needs.

  • This home shaped bed for puppies is a great solution for creating a safe place for your pet.
  • Can easily be moved from a place to another.
  • Suitable for families who travel a lot; so, your dog will feel like home anywhere he/she goes.
  • It is made of washable materials, so you don’t have to worry if your dog peed him/herself while sleeping.
How to Train a Dog in an Apartment to Not Pee? |
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So, to sum everything up, this was the hidden mystery behind how to train a dog in an apartment to not pee. By knowing the exact reason, following the expert’s advice, and using the right products, you will have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Related Questions:

How to keep my dog happy and healthy in an apartment?

Help him get his/her regular exercises, get him out of the apartment whenever you could, make sure he/she gets his/her daily walking time, make sure your dog is fresh and clean, know your dogs breed; if your dog is huge and you have a small apartment he/she will not be so happy.

Can all dogs fit in an apartment?

Not all dogs can live happily in the apartment, especially those large breeds or the highly active ones, they won’t be happy living in a small apartment. Also, some dog breeds need a space to get rid of any extra energy so they can sleep well, or they will get zoomies; and I believe that if dogs get zoomies in a small apartment it will hurt him/herself, or make serious damage to the apartment.

Can I train my dog in an apartment?

There is training you can do in an apartment, especially, if this training related to behavioral training. However, if you are wondering if you can train your dog physically, I believe that you will need a space to do that, so you better do this training outside.

Now, tell us what is your experience with your dog living with you in an apartment?

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