Toxic Foods for Dogs – Things You Can’t Afford Not Knowing

Toxic Foods for Dogs - Things You Can't Afford Not Knowing |

How to almost eliminate the chances of toxic foods for dogs situations, and to recognize and deal with food poisoning cases

Did you know that it usually takes a while for food poisoning sings to show up on dogs? and when they show, many illnesses share the same symptoms as food poisoning.

Therefore, prevention is the best way too when it comes to scenarios like this; but it can be rather tricky as toxic foods for dogs can be found in every household, and some of them are foods you eat every day!

toxic foods for dogs can make them very sick first
Sick Dog!

Besides, when it comes to toxic foods for dogs, there is a common misconception among most people.

Most believe that to be only human foods for dogs that dogs mustn’t eat or a couple of food items that are considered dangerous foods for dogs.

Truth is there are a couple of categories when it comes to harmful foods for dogs.

  • Poisonous or toxic foods for dogs
  • contaminated or spoiled foods
  • Foods that have gone bad
  • Objects that were accidentally eaten

Here, we will tackle each and every type of harmful foods or dogs

In terms of:

  • listing the dangerous foods for dogs items in each category
  • the food positioning symptoms
  • how to act in case of food poising
  • how to eliminate food poising chances

Toxic Foods for dogs – Everything You Must Know

If you are wondering about foods dogs can’t eat, then keep reading this section because we will cover just that.

As a dog parent, the responsibility of making your dog is well fed and taken care of lays on your shoulder

Same as making sure your dog doesn’t eat things that are bad or him, and even though there is not plenty of things that can be considered poisonous for dogs; the few things that actually are harmful foods for dogs are quite common and can be found everywhere.

toxic foods for dogs can kill them
Don’t let them eat toxic foods

That is why as a dog parent you need to be a little extra careful, and make sure your pet doesn’t accidentally eat foods that can hurt him.

Or you don’t willingly feed your dog items that are harmful to his / her health and well-being.

Food items you need to watch out for

if you are thinking about feeding your dog scraps or leftover human foods, then you need to think again.

Dogs can’t eat foods that humans commonly eat as they will have serious side effects on their health. and in severe cases, they can lead to death

15 toxic foods for dogs are:

  1. Chocolates
  2. Suger-free and diet human foods
  3. Avocados
  4. Milk or dairy products
  5. Blue cheese
  6. Raisins and grapes
  7. Onions
  8. Alcohol products
  9. products containing yeast
  10. Garlic
  11. Chives
  12. Cherries
  13. Apples
  14. Coffee
  15. Macadamia nuts

Things your dog would treat as foods

You have to be extra careful of the things your dog would chew on; They might treat it as food as well.

We mean small toys, balls and socks.

Ordinary household items that your dog might find it interesting to chew on and swallow.

There are plenty of cases where pets swallowed small objects.

And even though you may not notice immediate alarming side effects, this doesn’t mean your dog is not affected by it.

toxic foods for dogs can be their toys
Dog’s Toy!

You need to rush to the vet and check on your dog to see how his body is treating the strange object

In most cases, the vet would be performing surgery to remove the object if your dog’s body won’t be able to dispose of it naturally

Good foods that can turn bad if….

There are certain food poisoning cases that can occur if your dog ate perfectly safe to eat food.

However, there are certain factors and circumstances that can turn perfectly good and safe to eat food, to harmful foods for dogs.

1- If your dog has allergy:

There is a chance that your dog can be hurt through eating dog foods if he is allergic to one or more of the ingredients containing it.

To know more about allergies for dogs, triggers, symptoms, and treatment you can refer to our article here.

2-If the food is contaminated:

You need to pay attention not only to what foods you are feeding your dog but also how you treat such foods.

If you are serving the dog food in a moldy plate or dealing with the foods in an unhygienic environment.

Certain bacteria and viruses would find their way to your dog’s system through this, and if too muchcontaminated food is consumed, then severe poisoning cases can happen.

3- If the food has gone bad

There are certain dog foods that can become moldy and rotten if left in the open air for too long.

Especially if the temperature are quite high where you live.

If you also serve food that is past the expiration date, it will cause health issues to your dog.

Toxic foods for dogs symptoms

You must be wary in case your dog shows any unusual behavior. as this could be signs he ate something he shouldn’t have

toxic foods for dogs can cause them pain
Sick doggie!

Pay extra attention to the below symptoms:

  • Vomiting, diarrhea, or lose poop
  • lack of coordinated movement
  • too much coughing, sneezing or difficulty breathing
  • shaking or seizures
  • fainting
  • slow movement or extreme excitability

What to do in case of food poisoning

The set of actions you must do in case you suspect a food poisoning situation i rather simple. however, you must take them immediately.

First off, you need to contact your vet, or an emergency pet hospital line and make sure specialists have a look at your dog to confirm his symptoms

Make sure you have your vet’s number memorized or in an easy to access place so you can find it quickly in need

Educate your household members about the poisoning symptoms, and let them know your vet’s number as well; so they can take the needed actions if you are not around

How to prevent food poisoning situations

Prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to food poisoning this couldn’t be more accurate.

  • First off you need to make sure your dog has no access to any food that can harm him
  • Make sure you prepare his food in a hygienic way and you check the expiration date carefully.
  • Do not feed him scrapes off the table unless you are sure they don’t contain any of the toxic items we mentioned above
  • Pay attention to the objects and toys your dog is chewing, if there is a chance he might swallow it, then you should replace it with a safer one.

And, this also applies to keep your dog away from poisonous plants; which you can find 15 of them here.

There is something very important that must be mentioned here; do you know how to differentiate between food poisoning and an allergic reaction to food? This is a tough question, and you can figure out the answer by learning more about dog food allergies.

And, if you need to know more about foods that are good for dogs; feel free checking out this article.

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