What Dog Training App Do You Need? A Review of the Best Apps

Dog training apps

There are many dog training apps out there that can help train your dog effectively. These apps come in different features and benefits that makes each one of them unique. Therefore, the end result is a well trained dog.

Continue reading to see the list.

Top 10 Best dog training apps for dogs

1.) Doggo App

Dog training apps: Dogo
Credited: Itunes

On top of the list of best dog training apps is Doggo. Doggo app is marketed as “your dog’s favorite training app”. It offers 60 fun tricks and commands to teach your dog. The app is guided with a step by step instructions for over 20 training sessions.

It also has a built in clicker that comes in a variety of sounds and will help you in training your dog through clicker training.

Doggo also tracks a dog’s progress throughout the day such as eating, potty training, and other dog trainings.

With a fast response rate of 24 hours, the customer service is fast and there for you always. In addition, you can communicate with dog experts over issues regarding training.

2.) Puppr

Dog training apps: Puprr
Credited: Puppr Facebook page

Puppr is an app developed by Sara Carson and Super Collies, two of the top five finalists in America’s Got Talent. The app features over 40 tricks taught by them.

Offering a step by step instructions and a built in clicker, you can also track your dog’s training progress. While you do so, you collect badges.

The app is mostly free; it promotes in -app purchases such as different lessons to give to your dog like Charming Lesson Pack.

3.) IClicker

Dog training apps: IClicker
Credited: Itunes

The IClicker app, a dog clicker app, allows you to make the sound of the clicker and adjust the volume too. The app features a guide into how to use the app, some tutorials for dog training, and tips for effective training.

It contains 32 videos and nine training tutorials for the use of the app. Also it is a free app.

IClicker is also used by top trainers around the world for basic and advanced obedience tricks and solving behavior problems.

Also it has a desentizing feature where it has the “noise box”. The noise box works by having 48 sounds distract your dog from other voices.

4.) Puppy Coach 101

Dog training apps: Puppy Coach 101
Credited: Itunes

One of the puppy training apps is the Puppy Coach 101 app. The app is designed for dogs.

It includes 9 important topics: crate training, teaching your dog their name, house training,teaching them to sit, teaching them to come when called, handling and grooming, commands such as take It and drop it, and biting and nipping .

The app also features over 30 training videos with instruction with a professional dog trainer named Joanne Lekas.

As a bonus, when you finish teaching your puppy the course, you get an email featuring a puppy diploma with your dog’s picture in it.

5.) Paw Tracks

What Dog Training App Do You Need? A Review of the Best Apps |
Credited: Itunes

Paw Tracks is a tracking app allowing you to track when your dog eliminates. It does so by recording the timings.

It can ever track meals and walking. As for walking, you can record the distance and duration of each walk.

There is a built in GPS system to allows and let’s you see the routes that have been taken. Also you can add more than one caregiver for your dog to the app.

The app can be downloaded from Apple store and is one of the dog apps for free.

6.) Purina® Pro Plan® P5

What Dog Training App Do You Need? A Review of the Best Apps |
Credited: AppAdvice

Another dog training app is the Purina® Pro Plan® P5.This is an app that tracks how much energy your dog is consuming and adjusts food and water based on that.

It works using an algorithm developed by Brian Zangh, a research scientist at Purina, that converts activity levels and sizes of all dog breeds into simple output.

The app also offers basic dog training to advance athletic trainings. Dogs can learn simple commands such as “sit” and ,then when they continue the trainings, will learn advanced trainings such as catching a flying disc.

Purina® Pro Plan® P5 app also offers training videos featuring famous dog trainers, Tracy Caster, and a team in Purina specializing in trainings.

As you move on with training, you earn badges and rewards. The app is free to download and available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

7.) TrainAway

What Dog Training App Do You Need? A Review of the Best Apps |
Credited: Itunes

TrainAway is an app that is designed to reduce and eliminate negative dog behavior that is caused by specific sounds. There are about 100 recorded sounds in the app where users get the chance to choose from them.

These sounds include doorbells, thunder, footsteps, fireworks, and many other sounds.

The app will play the sounds in a semi random pattern at low volume so your dog doesn’t get scared. As time passes, your dog will become desensitized to these sounds and will not be afraid.

Also there are other ways that it helps is in desensitizing your dog to sounds that makes them bark or sounds of that come from a baby.

8.) Dog Whistle

Dog training apps: Dog Whistle
Credited: Apkpure

The Dog Whistle is one of the dog apps for listening and obeying. It helps train your dog by emitting sounds at a higher frequency for dogs to hear.

Because humans can only hear up to 20 KHZ, dog whistles are silent to human hearing. While they are not silent to dogs.

This Dog Whistle app can emit high frequency sounds ranging from 100 to 22,000 Hz.

Therefore, the Dog Whistle app can uses are to train your dog, teach your dog tricks, and stop them from barking.

9.) Dog Training: 101

Dog training apps: Dog training 101
Credited: similarweb

This app is very interactive with your dog. It trains your dog in basic obedience training and potty training.

It also has a section for how to prepare home foods and treats , bath grooming and tips, dog’s games, how to know if your dog is sick, and much more.

A certified dog trainer makes all the information in the app. It basically offers solutions that dog parents face when raising a dog.

9.) Continuous Clicker

Dog training apps: Continuous Clicker
Credited: Itunes

An app that combines clicker training and reinforcement schedules together. It was developed by Peter Lynch.

There is also an option for using white noise to inform your dog it’s training time.

10.) The Friendly Dog Club

Dog training apps:  The friendly dog club
Credited: Appadvice

An interactive app designed to built a bond between you and your dog and make training fun for your dog. Also, the app mainly focuses on using clicker training to teach your dog basic training.

The app was developed by Angela Horsley , a UK dog trainer.

Once , you have completed the trainings in the app, you can go to the companion app, The Friendly Dog Club: The Next Steps.


In conclusion, these were the top 10 best dog training apps. They are very helpful and great in training your dog using different training techniques. There are some applications for adult dogs while there are others for puppies.

For more information regarding bell training, check Best Guide for Bell Training Puppy.

Share with us your experience. Have you tried any of the apps in the list? Also which was the best in your opinion?

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