Top 7 Puppy Training Apps

puppy training apps

Have you ever wanted to train your puppy but didn’t know how? Here is a list of the top 7 puppy training apps to train your puppy so you can easily have a well behaved and trained puppy.

Puppy training apps

1.) Paw Tracks

Puppy training apps
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The first in the list of the puppy training apps is Paw Tracks. Paw Tracks is an app that is free for IOS app. It allows you to track your puppy’s walks, meals, meds, and movement.

The meal , movement, and medecine is recorded by tapping a button which automatically logs the time and date.

While your puppy is walking, you can log potty time during the walk and stop the walk by tapping the “finish walk” button.

Paw tracks also uses your device built in GPS to track the length and location of the walk.

The app is designed to be used by multiple people maximum four caregivers. All four caregivers can access and modify a puppy’s logs.

Features of the Paw Tracks app

  • Logging off potty events within the walk
  • Calculating the distance and duration of the walk
  • GPS tracking of walk route in the map
  • Puts who walked the puppy in the app
  • Track time when the walk took place

2.) PooPee Puppy

puppy training apps
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PooPee puppy is a free IOS app that lets you track when your puppy goes to the bathroom. It has a simple interface with three buttons. The buttons are poo,pee, and oops.

Just tap on the button whether poo or pee when your puppy eliminates. The app will log it for you. The oops button will record accidents whether poo or pee.

The app also comes with a puppy progress log that let you scroll through their movements and see their success rate for the previous week.

PooPee puppy app also has a couple of other features including “automatic alarms” which are set when you log one of your puppy’s elimination.

These alarms help you see the puppy so you can take them out the same time everyday.

The app also has a veterinarian log which shows all the weird elimination and vomits that your puppy makes.

3.) Puppy school

puppy training apps
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This is a personal training app for your puppy. It has 80 expert taught exercises, 300 step by step photos, 40 how to videos.

The app is personalized to work on what your puppy needs to work in and records achievements and memories.

The Puppy school app also suggests new challenges. The app learns which exercise your puppy is at and suggests when to repeat an exercise and when to move on to the next one.

The videos and photography is clear making it easier to show your puppy. Also, the app features leading dog behaviorist, Gwen Bailey, who shows you how to use positive reward training.

4.) Puppr

puppy training apps
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Puppr is an app developed by Sara Carson and The Super Collies. Sara Carson is one of the top dog trick instructors in the world and was one of the top 5 finalists in America’s Got Talent in season 12.

The app that they created together features many options for your puppy. It features:

  • Over 50 tricks taught by Sara Carson and The Super Collies.
  • The use of positive reinforcement when teaching all lessons.
  • Step by step photos and instructions making the lessons easier to learn.
  • A built in clicker in the app making the lessons easier to learn for your puppy.
  • It keeps a track of all the training progress and tricks your puppy has learned.
  • You collect badges as your puppy masters new tricks and trainings.

5.) Puppy Coach 101

puppy training apps
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This is an app that teaches your puppy using instructions from Joanne Lekas, a professional dog trainer and positive reinforcement dog specialist.

There are more than 30 video clips covering 9 topics. These topics are Introduction, Coming When Called, Biting & Nipping, Handling & Grooming, Crate training, House training, Teaching Name, Teaching Sits and Take it & Drop it.

The training instruction is viewed as a video format so you can view and train on the spot. There are color coded icons that help track what videos you watched.

There is also a puppy diploma emailed to you upon completion of puppy training.

6.) Puptimize

This is an app created by experts with decades of experience so you can train your puppy effectively.

This app works on teaching your puppy new lessons and improving existing behaviors. There are many options of trainings to choose from; you just click on the training that you will give to your puppy.

You also have the option to get free training plans based on your dog’s personality, training goals, and schedule.

There are fun daily activities to choose from everyday that your puppy will do everyday. These activities are fun and enjoyable for your puppy.

7.) GoodPup

puppy training apps
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The last in the list in the puppy training apps is Goodpup. Goodpup is an app that provides one-on-one video chat training. Basically, it’s a puppy training interactive video and chat with certified trainers.

You can track your puppy’s progress and see what your puppy has learned. You can also get advice and chat with your certified dog trainer.

The app uses positive reinforcement backed by the American Veterinary Association. It works by providing a weekly video call with certified trainers to learn commands where your trainer set with you daily goals.

Things you’ll learn is potty training and crate training, 8 basic commands, and 3 skills to avoid bad behavior.


In conclusion, there are puppy training apps that help train your puppy. These apps are unique and have different features.

For more information regarding dog training apps, check What Dog Training App Do You Need? A Review of the Best Apps .

Share your opinion with us. Have you tried any of the above apps and how did it go? Which in your opinion was the best app?


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