Top 7 Gray Cat Breeds That Are Exquisite

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Gray cat breeds are amazing, loyal, and something for everyone.

All cats are beautiful in their own way. However, we do associate certain coat colours with certain characteristics, such as white cats are elegant and classy, black cats are mysterious, orange cat breeds are fun-loving, and gray cat breeds are… the perfect balance.

When many people think of the colour gray, they think of a boring monotone colour that doesn’t bring any joy. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sphinx cat

Starting our list with a hairless type of gray cat breed, I would like to This cat breed is awesome. Not only can people suffering from cat allergies finally own cats problem free, but they also have some of the most intense eyes I have ever seen.

Of course, they can only be considered hypoallergenic if you are allergic to the cat hair and not their saliva or dander. To be sure, always consult with a veterinarian first.

The only thing bigger than the sphinx’s eyes (and heart of course) is their ears. However, their ears are super sensitive-just like most other cats- so please take care around them.

They pretty much capture you in their golden disks and dont stop loving you anymore.

big cat breeds

big cat breeds Sphinx cat


Best Cat Breeds Tonkinese
A stunning Tokinese cat

This type of gray cat breeds is a cross breed between a Burmese and a Siamese.

Furthermore, they enjoy heights and do love a good game of fetch. They are described as having “dog-like” characters and a gentle purr, similar to that of their Burmese relatives.

Tonkinese cats always have different coat patterns,. This is thanks to their genetic variation. Additionally, it also means this beautiful breed comes in all stunning colours that a Burmese or Siamese would.

Last but not least, they are intelligent and people-oriented and a great choice for active families.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian cat
A Norwegian forest cat in it´s natural habitat.

Remember how I mentioned that long-haired cat breeds are the stuff of legends and royalty? The legendary Nordic “Skogkatt”, is supposed to be a type of fairy cat that can do things that no other cats can.

Furthermore, their claws are strong enough to climb effortlessly on rocks and stone.

Yep, you heard that right.

Well, while the first statement is purely a myth of the ancients, the second one is very much true.

Norwegian Forest Cats are incredibly strong and interesting cats.
Furthermore, they are primarily outdoor cats as they are close to nature and well it is in their name.

However, they can be trained to live indoors and their social nature makes them valuable family members. They get along with children well, too.

Siberian Cat

Large cat breeds Siberian Cat
I see you

Going all the way to Russia now, this type of gray cat breeds is closely related to the Norwegian Forest Cat and is sometimes referred to as the Siberian Forest Cat.  

Siberian Cats moult once or twice a year, the second time being a “light” summer moult. They have the three natural types of fur that a cat can have: awn hair, down hair, and guard hair. This helps protect them from Russia´s freezing climate.

Furthermore, they are known to be exceptionally good jumpers and have great acrobatic skills. This is mainly due to their longer hind legs which causes them to have a naturally lightly curved back,

They are one of the most hypoallergic large cat breeds and generally are not afraid of water.

This ancient cat is believed to be the ancestor of all long haired-cats. When they first arrived in the US they caused a lot of confusion. They all looked so different! This breeds looks can differ depending on which part of Russia it originated from.

Siberian cats are appear at least once in Russian folklore, especially a cat named Kotofej Ivanovich .


Most popular cat breeds Persian cat
A small Persian cat.

Originally coming from Iran, this majestic feline is loved in both of its size variants. One of their key features is their very, very long and thick fur coat. They have short muzzles and legs. This breed is so old, they even appeared in the hieroglyphics!

There are many different types of this breed, coming in all fur colours:

  • Chinchilla Longhair and Sterling
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • Himalayan

The price of one of these cure fluffers can range between 400 to 600 Pounds for a kitten , and depneding on their fur colour can increase or decrease.

However, just like most other pure-bred breeds (say this three times fast) , the Persian is one of the most at risk breeds when it comes to health problems. The most common one being Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

Russian blue

What is there more to say about these beauties? They are probably one of the top gray cat breeds in terms of colours. No one can resist their grey-bluish fur coats that are just soooo soft.

Additionally, Russian blues are considered hypoallergenic cats, just like their Sphinx relatives above.

Furthermore, these cats are intelligent, curious and highly-athletic. So if you are looking for an multi-talented addition to your household: here they are!

big cat breeds

big cat breeds Russian Blue
Trademark turquoise eyes


Best Cat Breeds Persian 2
Can you say no to this look?

Persians aren’t only beautiful, they are also one of the best and most suitable gray cat breeds to have in your family if you have boisterous children. They have a friendly and calm nature and can be very patient.

Persians have very soft fur which can feel like the softest blanket when they lay on your chest to cuddle you.


So, this was my take on gray cat breeds that I think you should love. Clearly some of these aren’t exclusively gray cat breeds, but I tried to include the one or other example. Show me a picture of you and your gray cat breed in the comments. Read you next time!

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