Top 10 Dog Breeds That Are Amazingly Like A German Shepherd [list]

German shepherd enjoying the sun

There is no dog popularity list that doesn’t have a German shepherd on it on a high rank, Also, German shepherds are the dogs of choice for many armies and police forces around the world. They are loyal, intelligent, athletic, hard-working, courageous, and alert. Plus, They also got the looks, they are handsome, majestic and easy on the eyes.

people love German shepherds, they seem to have it all.

Not quite really, There is also a downside that makes them not the ideal choice for a family pet like:

  • It’s hard to find one with family-oriented temperament.
  • They get bored easily, They need plenty of exercises and interesting things to do or They might get destructive.
  • Less suitable for apartment life.
  • Not easy going, Dogs like a German shepherd need careful socialization.
  • Potential aggression towards strangers and other animals.
  • They shed constantly, 365 days a year.
  • High risk of health problems.

Simply put, They are high maintenance dog breeds.

That’s why people are looking for dog breeds that combine all good qualities and looks of the German shepherd but with other easy-to-live-with traits.

Here is a list of dog breeds that strike an uncanny resemblance to German shepherds.

Top 10 Dogs Like German Shepherd

If you are like a straight up German shepherd fanatic then I bet you are going to love this 10 extremely German shepherds lookalikes

#1 Belgian Shepherd

#1 Belgian Shepherd.

Origin: Belgium
Height: 56-66 cm
Weight: 20-30 kg
Life Span: 10-14 years
Color: Solid black, black with white patches on neck and chest

These herding dogs are quick learners, good with children, and intelligent.

credit: pets in India

Belgian shepherds need a firm owner and not quite a match for inexperienced first-timers. They do well in an apartment if they are getting enough sufficient exercise.

Strong and energetic, These dogs like a German shepherd, Makes excellent police dogs or watchdogs.

#2 King Shepherd

#2 king Shepherd.

Origin: USA
Height: 64-81 cm
Weight: 34-68 kg
Life Span: 10-11 years
Color: Multiple varieties of sable

king shepherds are giant shepherd dogs. Bigger than a German shepherd and more powerful and muscular.

Developed by American dog breeders, These long-haired shepherds are much less aggressive than the normal German shepherd. Very intelligent and quick learners, They make good watchdogs.

#3 Dutch Shepherd

#3 Dutch Shepherd.

Origin: Netherlands
Height: 55-62 cm
Weight: 23-32 kg
Life Span: 12-15 years
Color: Various gray/silver with dark tan stripes

Bred by Dutch farmers, They are by far the best shepherd at herding, agility, obedience and guarding.

credit: siggy’s paradise

Dutch shepherds are highly adaptive to tough conditions. Loyal and protective of their families. They need to be trained physically and mentally from an early on age, Otherwise, they become stubborn and destructive.

#4 Bohemian Shepherd

#4 Bohemian Shepherd. dogs like German shepherds

Origin: Czech Republic
Height: 42-55 cm
Weight: 16-25 kg
Life Span: 12-15 years
Color: Black, brown, and tan with yellow shades

Often times referred to as the Czech sheepdogs. The Bohemian shepherds are smaller than German shepherds. They are less aggressive and also less muscular.

credit: Wikipedia

Bohemian shepherds are very friendly, low maintenance shepherds as they don’t have any major health issues. In all of the listed here, these dogs are more like German shepherd structure than any other. Very few of them are around today as they were only bred since the 1980s.

#5 Shiloh Shepherd

#5 Shiloh Shepherd. dogs like German shepherds

Origin: USA
Height: 71-76 cm
Weight: 36-59 kg
Life Span: 12-14 years
Color: Wide range, including tan with two or three other colors

Active, energetic, and intelligent, Shiloh shepherds are outdoorsy meaning they need spaces to run and play.

credit: Dogs aholics

Shiloh Shepherds are very rare. They are very similar to German shepherds but
bigger and with better hips as they have Alaskan Malamutes in their bloodline. They must get their sufficient exercise or they will get cranky and aggressive.

#6 Byelorussian Shepherd

#6 Byelorussian Shepherd. dogs like German shepherds

Origin: Russia
Height: 62-76 cm
Weight: 30-60 kg
Life Span: Up to 13 years
Color: Shamrock with a mask, Zonar-grey, Zonar-red, black

known as Byelorussian Ovcharka, Byelorussian shepherds are far more popular in the East. They are adaptive to work in freezing temperatures.

They are a hybrid of German shepherds and native Russian breeds

credit: euro sport

#7 Northern Inuit

#7 Northern Inuit.

Origin: England
Height: 63.5 -76.2 cm
Weight: 25-38 kg
Life Span: Up to 13 years
Color: Pure white, black, or sable with or without a white face mask

Despite their striking resemblance to wolves, Northern Inuits are non-aggressive and very friendly.

credit: puppy tube

“THE SKY IS DARK AND FULL OF TERRORS”. If you are a fan of the show Game Of Thrones, Then you would be amazed and impressed by How Northern Inuit looks much like Dire Wolves in the show, but much more happier.

Northern Inuits originated by crossing the German Shepherd, Inuit dog, and Siberian Husky.

#8 Belgian Tervuren

#8 Belgian Tervuren. dogs like German shepherds

Origin: Belgium
Height: 53.3 – 62.2 cm
Weight: 27-34 kg
Life Span: 12-14 years
Color: Rich fawn to russet mahogany or shades of gray with black tips. White patches on chest, neck, and toes are acceptable.

Another Belgian on the list,
Belgian Tervurens are more suitable for outdoor life.

credit: pet finder

Belgian Tervurens are rocking majestic Ora around them because of their luxurious and soft coat. They are smaller than German shepherds with square-proportioned structures

#9 Carpathian or Romanian Shepherd

#9 Carpathian or Romanian Shepherd. dogs like German shepherds

Origin: Romania
Height: 60-73 cm
Weight: 23-29 kg
Life Span: 12-14 years
Color: Fawn to mahogany with black markings

Originally from Carpathian Mountains of Romania. The Carpathians are strong and quick moving, They were bred to be able to fight a wolf or a wild boar, Imagine that.

credit: 101 dog breeds

#10 White Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse)

#10 White Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse). dogs like German shepherds

Origin: North America
Height: 58-64 cm
Weight: 34-39 kg
Life Span: 12-14 years
Color: White, off white

This beautiful show-white dog has an amazing personality. It is very loyal to its owners and takes every stranger with a grain of salt, not trusting them easily. Of course, they are very intelligent and shine brightly upon receiving good training.

credit: wallpapers animals

That was our list, I hope you have enjoyed. What did you think about it? Whatever you think, Comment below and Let me know.

As always, If you like what you read here and you wanna read more, Feel free to check my other lists of the most beautiful dogs with hair or the best wire-haired dog breeds.

Have a nice day and Read you next time.

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