Best Tips on How to Cool Off A Dog

how to cool off a dog

How to cool off a dog is something that all dog parents ask themselves whenever their dog is hot. It is important to know the tips and ways to keep your dog cool down without making them uncomfortable. Make sure they are

What is a heat stroke and its symptoms?

Instead of sweating, dogs use panting where they breath quickly to relieve the heat. They also have some sweat glands in their footpads which help with eliminating sweat but only minimal.

It can be fatal if not corrected quickly because dogs can die from overheat or have serious internal damage.


  • Excessive panting
  • Signs of discomfort
  • Drooling
  • Reddened gums
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Collapsing
  • unbalanced movement

Primary cause of heatstroke in dogs

how to cool off a dog

The most common cause of heat stroke is carelessness by a dog parent. Some of these examples include leaving your dog in a car, not providing them with enough water, not letting dogs have a shady place to stand in when they are outdoors.

The second cause is that some dogs are prone to develop heat exhaustion. This is especially true for dogs who are overweight or a dog breed having a wide face and a short body structure.

Thus, it is important to know the temperature so you can avoid causing your dog this problem.

Other reasons are related to a dog having thick fur making them more likely to rise in temperature easily.

Also those suffering from medical conditions such as obesity can get heat strokes easily. Even dogs who are working dogs or play a lot should be checked on regularly to ensure that they don’t suffer any problems.

Tips on how to cool off a dog

1.) Keep your dog hydrated

For keeping a dog cooled off, always give them water so they stay hydrated and don’t become dehydrated. Keep a watch over your dog’s water bowl so it isn’t empty and you could refill it when it is empty.

Also on very hot days, you could add ice cubes to the bowl.

2.) Give your dog frozen treats

Frozen treats contain a high amount of water. These treats are very cool so they cool off a dog.

Some examples of frozen dog treats are dog ice cream which is made specially for dogs. You could also give your dog frozen broth popsicles in which your dog will love.

Other options include frozen cucumber in which a cucumber is frozen and given to your dog. The final option is a refreshing smoothie where your dog enjoys.

3.) Give your dog a kiddie pool

how to cool off a dog
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The third tip on how to cool off a dog is by giving your dog a kiddie pool for them to lie and swim in. First, it provides them with exercise that keeps them healthy by letting them have cardio and build their muscles

Second, it helps with ways on how to cool off a dog. It is fun for your dog and they consider it playtime. As they keep on playing and love playing.

It will also help keep their body temperature at a good level where they won’t have problems such as dehydration.

4.) Make sure your dog has shade

Give your dog shade so they don’t become overheated with heat. If your dog sits outside and runs in the yard, make sure that they have a shelter or area to run too when wanting to cool down.

5.) Give your dog proper grooming during the summer

Give your dog proper grooming so they don’t become overheated with heat. Make sure to keep your dog’s hair groomed properly by combing the hair so it doesn’t become matted and prevent air flow against your dog’s skin.

6.) Keep your dog out of midday heat

Another way for how to cool off a dog is through avoiding your dog walking and running on asphalt on a hot day. Make sure to keep your dog away from the sun rays. By making them stay away from the hot days, you ensure that your dog is safe and doesn’t experience a heat stroke or dehydration.

7.) Keep your dog away and out of a parked car

how to cool off a dog
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There have been many stories of where dogs have died or had internal organs damage because of heat stroke. This heat stroke causes dogs to become overheated with heat and have a heat stroke.

Temperatures rise while your dog is in the car. This is the reason that it is important to never leave your dog inside a parked car. Always take them with you when you are going to be out for a long period of time.

Tips on how to cool down a dog when they are in a hot environment

1.) Remove the dog from the hot environment

Dogs and heat don’t go together. If your dog receives a lot of heat, their temperature will rise; they will become overheated and dehydrated.So if you remove them from the hot environment, your dog’s temperature begins to drop down and they cool off.

2.) Do not give them aspirin

Aspirin is dangerous for trying to cool down your dog. It will cause them additional problems.

What if your dog is unconscious from overheating?

1.) Put your dog in a bathtub

This step is crucial to bring down their temperature. Another option is to put the water from the hose over your dog’s body. Make sure that the water is cool and not hot.

The third option is to place a towel over your dog’s back and continue to soak the towel in cold water for your dog.

2.) Run a cool shower over your dog

Another trick to keep dogs cool outside is to shower your dog. Shower your dog with the cool water covering areas especially the back of the head and neck.

3.) Keep away your dog’s head away from water

Don’t put water over your dog’s head so they don’t suffer from a medical condition called aspiration pneumonia where their lungs become inflamed.

4.) Call your vet immediately

Call your vet and tell them that you are on your way. Your vet will provide you with further instructions about what to do and tell you the nearest clinic that you can go.

5.) Let your dog drink water

how to cool off a dog

To cool your dog, let your dog drink water and don’t force them to drink more. Leave them to drink as they want.


How to cool off a dog is easy if you follow certain tips and stop the problem before it further develops. You got to always be ready to cool your dog down when they are in a hot environment.

To know more about keeping a dog cool while they are outside, check How to Keep A Dog Cool Outside And Avoid A Heat Stroke.

Share with us your experience about keeping a dog cool. Do you follow any of the mentioned tips above?

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