This GSD Will Look Like a Tiny Puppy Forever Due to A Rare Condition

This GSD Will Look Like a Tiny Puppy Forever Due to A Rare Condition |

We all wish for our puppies to stay puppies forever. This wish almost never comes true. Except for rare cases like Ranger.

Ranger, the now-2-years old German Shepherd dog weighs only 17 pounds and looks like a puppy, and he will stay looking the same for the rest of his life!


Ranger has what’s called pituitary dwarfism. A rare genetic mutation that happens to very few dogs – primarily of the Wolfhound and German Shepherd breeds.

Ranger will always like a puppy because of a deficiency in growth hormones, meaning he will always stay in this puppy-like look, with a fluffy hair coat and everything!

When Ranger was born, he was much smaller than his siblings. Shelby Mayo, his mother, thought nothing of it.


However, Ranger soon started suffering from several health conditions. With the care of his loving family and the vets, Ranger’s health issues were being resolved one after the other.

However, the pup still wouldn’t get any bigger, and because his condition is rare, no vet thought of it earlier.


When the family got the diagnosis, they were actually relieved because they finally were able to know what’s causing all these health issues.

Unfortunately, Ranger’s condition comes with lots of health issues and even a shorter life span.

His parents created an Instagram page for him and he now has over 105K followers that can see his progress and what he is doing.

An unexpected outcome of the Instagram page was that it created a community around it. Because this condition is so rare, there aren’t lots of info about it, and so vets actually don’t have all the answers.

The Instagram page has allowed people that have dogs with similar conditions to get together and share their experiences, which has been very helpful for Ranger’s family and everyone on the page.

Ranger doesn’t only like a puppy, but he still has the soul of one as well. And this makes playtime with his canine family very fun indeed!


He is just gorgeous, and you can’t help but fall in love with him.

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