They Suspected She Was Abusing The Dog, So She Put The Dog Down

They Suspected She Was Abusing The Dog, So She Put The Dog Down |

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After an animal welfare group started looking into allegations of animal abuse, the dog owner decided to put his dog down!

A Facebook user reported that she had witnessed a small dog, a Jack Russel Terrier, being left out in the hot sun and rain at a residence at Holland Village. She reported that she saw a woman repeatedly kicking the dog.

The owner threw the dog some food on the ground which the dog was struggling to eat. The dog was barking in a painful way in a desperate call for help.

After the woman’s post became popular, it caught the attention of the animal welfare group Chained Dog Awareness – an animal welfare group in Singapore. The animal welfare group took an interest in the case and paid a visit to the owner’s residence on Sunday at 11.30 AM.

The owner said that the dog was old and sick. However, being old and sick is NOT an excuse to treat a dog poorly! If anything, one should cherish every moment we have with our dogs in their last days, and no one should do what this horrible dog owner did!

The volunteer returned to the house just half an hour later in hopes of getting the owner to allow them to bring the dog to the vet. Unfortunately, the volunteer was unable to get hold of the owner.

The dog owner then did the unimaginable!

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