First-Timer?? .. Here Is The Top 10 Easy to Train Dogs For You.

First-Timer?? .. Here Is The Top 10 Easy to Train Dogs For You. |

Easy to Train Dogs are the most desired wants of first-time dog parents. As you know, parenting a dog can be a handful for inexperienced dog parents.

Dogs need a safe environment, veterinary care, exercise, attention, and Training; Lots and Lots of training

Badly or Untrained dogs will give you a hard time and make you regret the time you thought of getting one.

1 in 10 Dogs are returned to shelters within 6 months of adoption

That’s why you need them trained thoroughly to get the best out of this experience but if you are new to this, training a dog won’t be as easy.

So to get things easier for you, Thinking about adopting an Easy to train dog is the best first step you can take towards this new life you are about to enter.

Here is a list of the top 10 easy to train dogs for you to choose from

But before we dive any further, we should clear out what makes a dog, Easy to train?

What Makes Easy to Train dogs?

Don’t get me wrong, all dogs are individuals, of course, so our list is a broad generalization of which breeds are usually fairly easy to be trained house manners and basic obedience.

First-Timer?? .. Here Is The Top 10 Easy to Train Dogs For You. |

If you’re seeking a breed that’s easy to train for advanced and competition obedience, these breeds are the ones to look for! If not, you’ll end up having a well-behaved dog that probably knows a fancy trick or two!

Several factors are involved than you’d think as to whether or not a dog will be easy to train, not only your pup’s intelligence

Dog’s age is the first depending factor here. A dog’s age plays a major role in how easy he will be to train.

10 – 12 Week Old puppies

Training a 10 to 12 weeks old puppy can go either way, and it actually depends on the training program that you choose to use with your puppy.

You’ll have much more success with a training program that takes your puppy’s short attention span into account over a program that requires longer focus than your young pup is capable of handling.

easy to train dogs
credit: Pet MD

You should always train your young puppy within his means and help him learn as much as he can, so that you can have much more successful training experience.

5 Months Old Puppies

Training can be a little harder when your puppy reaches the age of four and a half and five months. This is the time period during which puppies are teething.

You can still train them during this time, but they will not be able to concentrate as much, so it is generally a good plan to pull things back a bit and ease up on your expectations.

9 – 14 Months Old Puppies (adolescence)

Just like human teenagers with their rebellious attitudes, adolescent dogs are the toughest to train.

They might not respond well to new commands At around nine to 14 months old.

Although he is past his teething stage and old enough to be able to concentrate at this time, dogs may have a hard time with training as they transition from being a puppy to an adult.

First-Timer?? .. Here Is The Top 10 Easy to Train Dogs For You. |

You can think of this time period as a dog’s teenage years. Some dogs will have a harder time than others during this phase, and you should still continue to train your dog during this time.

Adulthood, 15 Months Old and Beyond

However, once dogs reach adulthood, their trainability curve will go back up again. A dog that understands how to learn new things will be much more receptive to further training as he moves into his older years.

The dog’s ability to learn should stay the same throughout a dog’s lifetime.

Dogs’ Physical and Mental health
also affect How easily they can be trained.

Now, after we established How dog’s age factors in his trainability, It’s time for our list

Top 10 Easy to Train Dogs

#1 Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever. Easy to train dogs

Origin: Canada – United States
Life Span: 10-12 years
Height: Male: 22-24 inches (56-61 cm)
Female: 21-23 inches (53-58 cm)
Weight: Male: 60-75 pounds (27-34 kg)
Female: 55-70 pounds (25-32 kg)
Temperament: Affectionate, Out-Going, Playful, Cheerful, Energetic, Loyal, Responsive, and Social

An easy to train breed, either you want one as a family dog or working dog. But you shouldn’t confuse his laid-back personality for low energy. The Labrador retriever is extremely active, he’s never met a backyard he didn’t like. According to the Labrador Retriever Club, these dogs are eager-to-please and non-aggressive towards man or animal.

credit: Canna Pet

#2 Poodle

Poodle. Easy to train dogs

Origin: France – Germany
Life Span: 12-15 years
Height: 15 inches (38 cm) or more
Weight: Male: 45-70 pounds (20-32 kg)
Female: 45-60 pounds (20-27 kg)
Temperament: Active, Alert, Faithful, Instinctual, Intelligent, and Trainable


The standard poodle consistently ranks as one of the most intelligent and obedient breeds. Poodles are capable of learning all sorts of tricks and commands. They are often thought of as too smart because they will sometimes outsmart their owners or become stubborn. Poodles are hypoallergenic, making them extra attractive to owners with allergies or those who don’t want to deal with fur everywhere. Poodles enjoy tracking, hunting, agility, and obedience.

#3 German Shepherd

German Shepherd. Easy to train dogs

Origin: Germany
Life Span: 10-13 years
Height: Male: 24-26 inches (60-65 cm)
Female: 22-24 inches (55-60 cm)
Weight: Male: 66-88 pounds (30-40 kg)
Female: 49-71 pounds (22-32kg) Temperament: Alert, Confident, Courageous, Curious, Intelligent, Loyal, Obedient, and Watchful


A staunchly loyal, intelligent, and dependable breed, German shepherds are highly trainable dogs who are eager to please and ready to work. It’s no coincidence they’ve been used as police and military dogs for years. German shepherds make for great companions and pick up on commands quickly

Simple training should begin the moment your puppy arrives home. A German shepherd puppy can learn his name and basic commands as early as 8 weeks old.

#4 Border Collie

Border Collie.

Origin: United Kingdom – Ireland
Life Span: 12-15 years
Height: Male: 19-22 inches (48-56 cm)
Female: 18-21 inches (46-53 cm)
Weight: Male: 30-45 pounds (14-20 kg)
Female: 27-42 pounds (12-19 kg) Temperament: Intelligent, Energetic, Alert, Responsive, Tenacious, Loyal, and Protective


Most people will immediately think of Lassie, the most famous Border Collie of them all. If you’re an experienced dog owner and simply want a dog who will take to training well, you might want to consider a border collie. Border Collies are incredibly smart and capable of learning a wide variety of tricks. They are workaholics, eager to constantly learn new things, which makes for great dogs to train.

Border Collies are highly active and will rarely sit still. A Border Collie is the best companion that you can play fetch and Frisbee with, teach agility games, or even herd sheep.

# 5 Miniature schnauzer

Miniature schnauzer.

Origin: Germany
Life Span: 12-14 years
Height: Male: 14 inches (35.6 cm)
Female: 13 inches (33.0 cm)
Weight: Male: 11-18 pounds (5.0-8.2 kg)
Female: 10-15 pounds (4.5-6.8 kg) Temperament: Alert, Fearless, Friendly, Intelligent, Obedient, and Spirited


The miniature schnauzer finds it easy to learn new commands. They have high energy and agility but are also very obedient. They do tend to bark, but this is a behavior that can be curbed if you are able to teach the dog early on. It may never stop entirely, but you should be able to keep it to a minimum.

#6 Golden Retriever

easy to train dogs

Origin:  United Kingdom
Life Span: 10-12 years
Height: Male: 22-24 inches (56-61cm)
Female: 20-22 inches (51-56 cm)
Weight: Male: 60-80 pounds (27-36 kg)
Female: 55-70 pounds (25-32 kg) Temperament: Confident, Friendly, Intelligent, Kind, Reliable, and Trustworthy


Golden Retrievers may not your top choice for a smart dog, but they are dedicated to their owners and very eager to please. Because of this, they are one of the most easily trained dogs Golden Retrievers are extremely adaptable and forgiving of their owner’s mistakes (think inconsistency). They enjoy learning new behaviors.

#7 Papillon

First-Timer?? .. Here Is The Top 10 Easy to Train Dogs For You. |

Origin: France
Life Span: 13-16 years
Height: 8-11 inches (20-28 cm)
Weight: Male: 8-10 pounds (4-5 kg)
Female: 7-9 pounds (3-4 kg) Temperament: Alert, Energetic, Friendly, Happy, Hardy, and Intelligent


Unlike most toy breeds that are stubborn and difficult to work with, the Papillon is more easy-going. These dogs are very intelligent and quite eager to please. Small but active. The Papillon is exceptionally good at various dog sports and enjoys learning new behaviors.

#8 Shetland Sheepdog

easy to train dogs

Origin:  United Kingdom
Life Span: 12-14 years
Height: 13-16 inches (33-41 cm)
Weight: 14-27 pounds (6-12 kg) Temperament: Affectionate, Friendly, Gentle, Intelligent, Lively, Playful, Responsive


With The Shetland Sheepdog, Training will be enjoyable. The Shetland Sheepdog is a good listener to commands. You won’t need many repetitions for them to obey specific instructions. Sometimes, The Shetland Sheepdog is called the smaller version of the Rough Collie, However, they are slightly more active and do well in various dog sports. They are just owners-pleasers

#9 Havanese

First-Timer?? .. Here Is The Top 10 Easy to Train Dogs For You. |

Origin: Cuba
Life Span: 14-16 years
Height: 8-11 inches (20-28 cm)
Weight: 7-13 pounds (3-6 kg) Temperament: Affectionate Companionable Gentle Intelligent Playful Responsive


The Havanese has great pleasure in pleasing his owner. he loves learning new commands and tricks. The Havanese is particularly sensitive to the tone of your voice that’s why positive reinforcement works best for him. They used to be famous for their circus acts due to their eagerness to please as well as their high level of intelligence.

#10 Swedish Vallhund

First-Timer?? .. Here Is The Top 10 Easy to Train Dogs For You. |

Origin: Sweden
Life Span: 12-14 years
Height: 12-16 inches (30-40 cm)
Weight: 25-35 pounds (11-15 kg) Temperament: Alert, Energetic, Fearless, Friendly, and Watchful


Similar to the Corgis, Swedish Vallhunds are a dwarfed herding breed that was bred to work independently but pay attention to their owner’s desires. They usually need a consistent owner but they are relatively easy to train.

credit: dog breeds list

That’s it.

That was our top 10 easy to train dogs list, What did you think about it?

Whatever you think, comment below and let me know

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