7 Ways to Stop Dog Barking

7 Ways to Stop Dog Barking |

The only normal communication your dog has is barking, but too much barking is a very common problem all parents face. The fact you want to learn how to stop dog barking, it’s a very irritating and annoying habit your dog may have. Actually, if your dog barks a lot this will lead to embarrassing situation with your neighbours.

in order to fix barking problem, you should know first what causes your pooch to bark. the moment you become able to answer “why”, it will be easy to know “how”.

If you plan to make your dog stop barking completely, then you can’t. It can’t be realistic. The fact, you can reduce your dog’s inappropriate barking but still, they will bark.

Dogs bark because:

There are several situations where you find your dog barks:

  • Somebody at the door
  • Cats or birds pass by
  • People walking at the street
  • When you leave them alone
  • Seeking attention
  • When they feel bored
  • Visitors who visit your house for the first time

It’s very important to know why your pooch barks. If you find out this barking behavior occurs when they are left alone, you should address this problem to your vet or a profeecional behaviour consultant. In that case, they could have separation anxiety.

if your canine barks normally at people or other dogs, you can handle this behaviour and make improvements.

How to stop dog barking in most common situations?

When there’s somebody at your door

Usually dogs bark when they want to tell you something. When they find out that there’s someone at your door, a car pulling onto a driveway, or when your doorbell ring.

in such situations when a vistor come to your home, you should teach your dog to perform another behaviour that can distract them from the barking.

You can teach them to interact or retrieve with a toy in order to set your canine off. You also san ask them to “sit” or to go to another room. It’s a very effective way as you will remove them from the area where the barking trigger is coming, instead, they put ther mind into something else.

You should always reward your pooch when you see good behaviour. Giving your dog treats will encourage them to repeat good things any time you ask.

There’s another thing you can do to stop dog barking in this situation. You can record sounds that may trigger your pooch to bark and play it back to them. Start quietly and by time increase the volume while praising your dog. If you will follow this method, make sure your dog wouldn’t be exposed to the real sound. For example, if you play your doorbell sound, you may write a note on your door to knock instead of ringing the bell.

Cats or birds in the garden

7 Ways to Stop Dog Barking |

Every dog barks at cats and birds in the garden, this is very common. In this case, you can teach your dog to turn away and come to you instead of paying attention to animals

If your dog will be rewarded when they come to you rather than bark, they will be pleased to come to you instead of barking at cats or birds. Even if they may bark at them sometimes, it’ll be easy for you to recall them.

People pass by your home’s windows

If you notice your dog has a habit of sitting on the window and bark ar every person pass by, block access to that window and offer an alternative hobby.

Some dogs when they are in the garden, they bark at passersby. You can try recall and praise your canine to distract them from the triggers. In fact, you should always try to make them busy and never leave them on theri own.

When they left alone


It’s very common for dogs to be upset when you leave them alone for a long time. actually, they feel more comfortable when they’re around family. Unfortunately, if you’re used to leaving your canine alone for a long period, this will lead to separation anxiety.

it’s a very challenging situation, so if you couldn’t resolve this problem by any method, you should consult a qualified dog behaviourist or contact your vet to recommend one.

Seeking attention

The fact is when your dog starts to bark to get your attention, you reward them by giving the attention they’re seeking. To solve this problem, try to ignore them as much as you can. Never try to shout or yell to make them stop. You can calmly ask your canine to sit or lie down.

If your pooch stops barking, praise, and give them a lot of treats. Remember, you can always seek help. Actually, seeking attention problem isn’t easy to fix, it’ll require patience, practice, and time.

When they’re bored

Your dog may bark because there is little to do. You have to look at their daily routine and how much free time they have, and then fill unoccupied time with activitis. These activities might be exercises like walking. The thing is you should keep your pooch busy and do anything besides barking.

Barking at people

There are two situations where your dog barks at people; frustration-related barking or fear-related barking. If you’re facing this problem with your pooch, you should visit a professional behavior consultant, it gets worsen the longer you neglect it.

7 Ways to Stop Dog Barking |

Don’t stress, if you struggle to realize why your dog is barking. You may follow the above advice and yet they don’t help. The causes of excessive barking aren’t always as straightforward as it would like.

hatever happens, you should never take negative feelings on your pooch.

Some parents punish their buddies to stop dog barking, it’s a temporarily suppress the behavior, but it won’t change it.

keep in mind, you need to know “why your canine is barking” in order to “stop dog barking”.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any question, leave your comment and I will be more than happy to answer all.

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