Should We Dress Up Our Canines?

Should We Dress Up Our Canines? |

Instagram accounts of chic and very cute dogs all over the place, and we as pet parents would want our canines to dress up and get with the trend in most of the cases, but is it okay to dress up our beloved canines?

Yes! dressing up our canines is not a bad influence as long as the dog is comfortable with the garment he is wearing, the fabric used is suitable for the weather and it only occurs on occasions and not being the usual routine for our little buddies.

In many cases, dressing up our dogs are for health conditions, anxieties the dog is suffering from, or for the intensity of the weather.

In other cases, it just for the sake of dressing our canines in festivals or specific occasions like dressing up dogs photo sessions for instance.

Whether you are dressing your dog for his welfare or for just the fun of doing it, don’t worry you are not doing something horrible.

Every dog hs his own personality and as long as you are not trying to oppose dressing upon him, you are doing great!

When to dress up our dogs?

There is more than one occasion that a dog could be dressed up in, let’s know more about them!

Cold Weather

a dog dress up in vest

Dogs wearing coats in winter may be viewed by many as a myth because they already have one so why would they need another one.

It is true that dogs already have a natural coat but that doesn’t mean they can’t get an extra one especially if their natural one is not thick.

Different dog breeds have different terms when it comes to the type of coat they are covered with and their ability to deal with winter with that coat.

Some dogs have thin fat layer and a light coat, on the other hand, there are dogs that have got a thick coat with a dense fat layer. Some breeds are even bred to endure the harsh weather of winter.

Wearing a jacket in winter is not designed for all the dogs out there but if we compared a Newfoundland and chihuahua, of course, it is obvious which one will need to wear a coat in winter.

After Surgeries or Illness

surgical tools

If your dog has a wound because of having surgery, got a severe skin condition or is having a grass allergy you could dress the dog up in a shirt to prevent him from licking himself.

Sometimes, you may put a medication for a certain skin condition that affected the dog and you don’t want it to stain your furniture or get wiped off the dog’s skin, so putting him on a doggy shirt would be a great option for that.

Putting a shirt on your dog will also help in the prevention of further irritations and stop them from worrying any more sores.

Remember, putting your dog in a shirt only won’t cure any skin condition a dog is having.

A vet should be visited to diagnose the condition and prescribe the right cure for that skin illness.


two dogs dress up in relaxing vests

If your dog would get nervous occasionally, you may consider getting him a calming vest or dress him up in a gently tight shirt.

The light pressure that is caused by being dressed up in a Relax Vest or a shirt will help in easing the anxiety out for the dog to be more comfortable and relaxed.

If your pooch has problems with thunderstorms and would get anxious whenever they occur a calming vest would help him a lot in coping with it.

Gradually, introduce the vest or the shirt to the dog to give him the time he needs to inspect it.

Keep in mind that some dogs won’t like the idea at first so tasty treats and some praise would make the process of coping easier.

You could read more about dogs with thunderstorm fears on Your Dog Scared of Thunder? (5 Ways to Ease It) article.

Dress up for a photo op

dog dress up and wearing a sunglasses

Who doesn’t love the idea of dressing up our canines and having those cute photos of pooches putting on novelty outfits?

Almost all of us, right!

Getting photos like those by your dog would be amazing only if the dog is comfortable with wearing the outfit and is not forced to do so.

Make sure to accompany the photo session with some savory treats for the sake of making the session more fun and entertainment for your dog and yourself.

If you are from the lucky patch that has dogs that love the attention they get in the photo-shoot, that’s means double the fun for you!

Dress up for Special Occasions

Should We Dress Up Our Canines? |

Chrismas, Halloween or any other significant events, we always search for customs that go with the theme of the event for kids, so why not for our canines!

Pet stores always will have some collections that will help us in elaborating on the perfect outfit for the occasion.

Our canines are a part of our families so we are always making sure that they are fitting in and becoming a part of our festivities!

Make sure the outfit you are purchasing for your dog is comfortable and made with good fabric for no bothering for the dog.

If you are one of the owners that got bulky big dogs you are lucky we have the best Halloween costumes for you! Check Top 30 Large Dog Halloween Costumes to Glamour Up Your Dog to more about this!

Make sure you have the right measurements of your dog to get him a comfy outfit.

How to know my dog’s right measurements?

Should We Dress Up Our Canines? |

In order to get a comfortable outfit for your dog, you will have to know how to measure your dog and how to choose the best-fitted attire for him.

Measuring your dog is not a hard thing to be done, you will need measuring tape to take the measurements of three parts of your dog; his neck, length, and girth.

Measuring the Neck

Adjust the measuring tape to measure the circumference of the pooch’s neck, make sure to remove the collar of your dog and measure the area the collar was around.

Write down the measurements in a paper using the inch as your unit especially if you are in the US, as the measuring unit in the US is the inch.

You may take the measurements in any other unit if you know that the product you are purchasing is calculated in a specific unit.

Measuring the Length

Take the measuring tape and put its tip on the area where the collar is usually lying and put it along the dog’s body until you reach the dog’s tail base.

The calculated inches you made will need to be reduced. Subtract two inches of the number you got after measuring the dog’s length and write it down.

You will need to take the measurements of the length if you are buying or a custom-made attire or accessory or making it yourself.

Measuring the Grith

Again with the measuring tape, take and place exactly behind the dog’s front legs and then, make the tape goes around the dog and meet at its back.

This is the most needed measurement you will need when you are buying attire for your dog as it is the largest in circumference and usually, all the costumes are fixed in that area.

Now you have your dog’s measurements and ready for searching for the right custom for him/her.

Make sure while buying that the measurement on your paper is identical to those on the chart of the store costume you are getting, if not, you will need to aim for costumes that may be larger than your dog’s measurements to ensure his/her comfort.

When it is not okay to dress up your canine?

Should We Dress Up Our Canines? |

Signs of anxiety or unhappiness

If your dog showed any signs or cues that he is scared or not comfortable because of being dressed up the first thing to do is to try to coax him of keeping the attire you got him.

If that did not work then this is your sign that your dog is not comfortable with wearing any garments or attires.

If not for necessity, your dog shouldn’t be put on the situation of wearing an attire just because you think it looks cute on him.

Shoving your dog on a custom while he doesn’t want to may lead him to start doubting on trusting you, thus, his reaction won’t be something that would make you happy.

Unfitted Costumes

Just because you brought a custom for your dog, that doesn’t mean he has to wear it especially if it is on the wrong fit.

If you decide to get a coat for your pooch you need to make sure it is not going to get caught up on his legs or rub them,

Outfits that may hinder the dog’s vision or movement are a no-no, even if it the best one you laid your eyes on.

Heavy attires on a summer day are a nightmare, so make sure your dog is not suffering from that.

Also, customs with many attachments on it may be a little weight on your dog so don’t leave him with them for a long period, it is even recommended to get them off the list completely.

every dog may love the custom you got him with using the right way to introduce it to him/her if not, you will have to respect your buddy.

As humans, we have the right to choose almost everything that has to do with our lives and recognized for it.

Our canines have the same right and we, as pet parents, should make sure we are not violating our dogs’ right to choose when they have the option to.

Waiting for your ideas and thoughts about this article, if you think this one had plenty of useful information, then check Why Do Dogs Wink? and Can Dogs See Ghosts?  for more interesting and useful information too!

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