Rotten Dog Teeth-What to Do, and What to Not!

Rotten Dog Teeth-What to Do, and What to Not! |

Rotten dog teeth is a serious problem that dog owners should pay attention to. Not just because it causes bad breath that can be annoying to those who come near the dog, but because it can lead to other serious problems like broken jaws, diabetes, bleeding gums, and even kidney problems.

A lot of dog owners don’t know the consequences of bad teeth, and some of them don’t realize that even before the harm already begins; they see their dog’s health starting to be worse, and they can’t do anything about it. Therefore you need to know how to take care of your dog’s teeth, and what to do if you found rotten dog teeth.

Dental diseases are very common in dogs because it is very difficult to keep your dog’s teeth clean all the time, we understand that. In fact, research that was mentioned here showed that around the age of 2, about 80% of dogs have some signs of dental problems. Which indicates how serious and common dental problems are in dogs.

Rotten Dog Teeth

Dog rotten teeth and bad breath.

Bad teeth can be a very obvious sign that your dog has a dental issue and need some urgent help. However, it is the most obvious sign, but it is not the only sign.

Therefore, if you noticed bad breath or any of the upcoming signs, contact your dog’s veterinarian as soon as possible, and go check your dog’s teeth, because the consequences can very serious.

  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty in eating.
  • Rubbing the mouth aggressively
  • Bleeding gums
  • Tooth loss
  • tartar on the teeth (yellow or brown)

Are all of these signs are shown together? No, and in fact, some dogs with dental problems whether it is rotten dog teeth or any other teeth problems don’t show all symptoms, or some of them until it is too late. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to your dog’s dental health and ask your dog’s veterinarian to do dental checkups, even if your dog seems fine to you.

Cause as we mentioned in our previous article where we talked about the cause of kidney problems in dogs (check from here), dental problems ar the main reason for kidney problems in dogs.

Also check this cute little dog with dog rotten teeth from Vet Ranch!

Can a dog die from the rotten dog teeth?

Bad teeth can be a very serious problem if lifted untreated. As soon as you noticed that there is something wrong with your dog, and he/she is suffering from bad teeth, you need to make an appointment with his/her veterinarian and ask him/her to take a blood test for your dog to make sure the rotten dog teeth haven’t gone so far.

Signs to look for:

If you found that your dog is not playing with his/her chewing toy anymore, he/she is not interested in the delicious treat he/she used to love it weeks ago, and he lost his/her interest in doing anything related to his/her teeth. This is a very clear sign that your dog has teeth problems.

Also, since chewing became a problem for your dog now, you will start noticing that your dog id dropping food, and lost his/her appetite which, by time, will cause weight loss, too.

Another, worth mentioning sign, is that you might start noticing that your dog’s face is suddenly swollen, and that is because of the inflammation in his/her mouth, that will be colored in red if you opened your dog’s mouth and took a look into his/her teeth.

All of these signs are red flags that that are telling you that you need to make an appointment with your dog’s veterinarian, as soon as possible!

Rotten Dog Teeth

How to prevent rotten dog teeth from happening in the first place?

1- Brush your dog’s teeth.

First off, you need to brush your dog’s teeth daily. Yes, it might not be the easiest mission, but still, your dog needs you to take care of his/her teeth, and you need to take care of your dog’s teeth so you don’t regret later.

To do that, you need to gently start training your dog to stand calm until you finish brushing his/her teeth. Also note that human toothpaste can make your dog very uncomfortable and upset his/her stomach, so you need to get your dog a toothpaste that is designed for dogs.

Another worth mentioning note is that you need to introduce the brushing process to your dog first until your dog gets used to it, so don’t Ruch things up because you don’t want your dog to hate the teeth brushing process. Dogs don’t forget, which means that the idea of hating the tooth brushing process will grow with him/her and that will, eventually, cause teeth problems.

2- Nutrition.

You need to make sure that you take extra care of what your dog puts in his/her mouth, and also, of what you feed your dog. Because every decision you take in that category affects your dog’s teeth.

For instance, if you decided to feed your dog a lot of sweets, that will affect your dog’s teeth, also if you decided to feed your dog unhealthy food, just because it is easier, that will also affect your dog’s teeth. Therefore, you need to make sure that what you put in your four-legged friend’s mouth is healthy and not affecting his/her teeth.

To do that, you need to make sure that you feed your dog formulated foods because that helps reduce the accumulation of plaque, and also the tartar from teeth. Which means that you are reducing the chances of your dog getting bad teeth.

Rotten Dog Teeth

3- Dental Check-ups.

Last, but not least. According to the AKC, regular dental check-ups are very important for every and dog breed. Therefore, you need to make sure that you ask your dog’s veterinarian to oral check your dog’s teeth every single appointment, and see if there is something you need to be worried about.

Also, you need to ask him/her if your dog needs more intensive dental cleaning from time to time, to mack sure that your dog’s teeth are clean.

4- Chews.

A lot of dog owners feel that dog chews are only for dogs to play and make their time busy with it, but this is a very wrong concept. In fact, some chew toys are one of the most important tools of taking care of your dog’s dental health because it helps your dog to clean and strengthen his/her teeth up.

Therefore, you need to bring your dog the perfect chew time, that is made just for him/her to prevent your furry four-legged friend from going through a really painful procedure if he/she got bad teeth.

And to do that, you can check our top 2020, most recommended and most affordable chewing toys for your dog. Don’t miss!

Now, you have all that you need to know about teeth problems, how to know that your dog is in pain, how to prevent your dog from having teeth problems, and how not taking care of your dog can make him/her be in serious pain.

Rotten Dog Teeth

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to write to us, and we will reply to you either directly, or in our ‘related questions’ section. Also, we can’t wait to know more about your dog’s dental care routine.

Related Questions:

How to help my dog be comfortable while cleaning his teeth with the toothbrush?

Well, first of all, you need to make sure that you are using the right toothbrush because a human toothbrush can make your dog really not comfortable.

After that, you need to make sure that your dog is familiar with the toothbrush and the whole process. So, take baby steps while introducing your dog to the toothbrush, start by putting it on their teeth and removing it again. Also, let your dog play with and smell it till he/she becomes familiar and comfortable with it.

Then, make the toothbrushing process full of positivity and calming words like a good boy, and gentle touching so your dog knows that he is doing a good job.

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