Top 10 Puppy Training Tips You Should Do

Top 10 Puppy Training Tips You Should Do |

Congratulations on your new puppy! It’s a great responsibility but, you can totally do it. The best thing to do is to begin training immediately, the question is from where you should start? We think those puppy training tips will be a great start!

There are many options to consider to train your puppy, whether you choose to do it yourself, take training sessions, or even hiring a private trainer. Whatever method you choose you should keep the following puppy training tips in mind.

The top 10 puppy training tips

Without further ado, let’s get into the 10 puppy training tips that can help you make your dog a much better trained pup.

Puppy Training Tips to help you train your pup

1- Give your Pup a Name!

Wisely pick a name for your new family member. You may want to keep it short with a strong consonant for the purposes of training, it’ll make it easier. You can associate the name with positive and fun things.

Short names will allow you to say fast and they will hear it clearly. The fact of strong ending names is to allow your puppy to pay attention to you and perks their ear up.

When your puppy becomes older, they will get used to their name, so you should never change it.

If you adopt your puppy from a shelter, the staff there might call them a temporary name and forget to tell you. If you get your pup from a breeder, they probably have a long name so you can shorten or change it.

Fortunately, dogs are very adaptable, if you continue to call them by the name you chose, eventually they will respond to it.

2- Set your own house rules.

Before thinking to have a puppy, you should think of what they can or can’t do at home. Ask yourself, what are the parts that off limits? will they be allowed to be on your bed, sofa, or other furniture?

If you settle on house rules, it’ll be easy for both of you to avoid confusion.

3- Train your pup to come on command.

You should teach them to come when you call. Get into the habit to use your pup’s name when you want them to come. By the time, they will be trained to do it.

Every time your puppy pays their attention to their name and come to you, use the positive reinforcement and praise them. Then, make it harder, try to call them when they’re busy. Start when your puppy is young and you’ll reap the benefits when they’re old.

4- Give them a room.

Every dog needs his private den. The first time you think about having a puppy, you should think where they’re going to sleep.


You have to provide your dog with a private sleeping place that’s not used by any other pet you may have. Your pup will deeply appreciate the few moments they left alone in peace and comfort of their own den.

Actually, you should praise them if they remain quiet and relaxed.

5- Reward good behavior.

Use the positive reinforcement method when your puppy or dog acts well. Praise them for their good behavior. You can use treats, toys, or simply love.

As a result, your puppy will know what’s right and wrong. You should never with any case praise a bad behavior, you will confuse them.

6- When your puppy comes home, help them relax.

Just like newborn babies, they want to feel comfortable and safe. You might use white noise to calm your baby during sleeping, why not to use the same method on your puppy!

You can put a ticking clock near them when they are sleeping. This will allow your pup to soothe in the new environment. Whatever you can do, make your best effort to let them feel comfortable with your home.

7- Deal with the Jumping Early on

Puppies love to jump up when they greet. There’s no need to blame them, just ignore this behavior and when they settle down you can praise or give them treats.

Don’t pay attention to your pup when they jump, just turn your back and ignore them. In the end, they will quit jumping behavior.

8- Choose the right moment.

Puppies and dogs don’t think about the future! they just live in the moment. You can’t expect them to remember what they do, they normally forget everything they’ve done after a minute.

You should always try to catch a dog time to praise or disregard your pup’s behavior. Make sure to shorten the time between the behavior and the correction, hence your puppy will associate your reaction.

In fact, consistent repetition of this reaction will reinforce their learning.

9- Stop puppy biting


There’s always a better way than reprimanding your canine. when your puppy bites you, you can pretend that you’re in pain. Your acting will distract them and they will stop. You can also try to trade your hand with a chew toy, this trick will help especially if they bite your shoes. eventually, you’ll find your pup prefers their favorite bone instead of nipping you.

10- Always Make it a positive Experience

Good job! You’re my favorite buddy. Keep all those good words to praise your puppy in every tip you follow. Believe me, they work very hard during the training process and they desreve it. Always give them treats or you can leave them with 5 minutes to play or do whatever they want to.

This will keep your pup excited and ready to work.

Again, follow your own tips for housetraining a puppy and you can add and discard whatever you want, maybe you follow other tips you like. But, you should never ever push your pup to do a thing they don’t want to. Just give them time to feel comfortable.

The most important thing in the whole process is to provide your puppy with a pleasant experience without any fears.

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