Top 15 Puppy Potty Training Tips and Tricks

puppy potty training tips

Puppies need to get trained for puppy potty training. But what are the best puppy potty training tips and tricks? These tips and tricks are needed in order to let your puppy learn how to potty train.

It usually takes time but the result is a good one. Here are the top tips and tricks for puppy potty training.

1.) Don’t push them

Don’t push your dogs when they start teaching them how to potty. The first few days can be stressful for them because everything is new and your puppy is still getting used to it.

It takes time and patience to teach dogs how to potty. So start out slowly and don’t push them.

2.) Watch out for signs

There are signs that a dog does when they want to relieve themselves. These include sniffing, fidgeting, and circling. Another sign is a dog that paces and whines to signal that they want to go to the bathroom.

The best times for puppies to go to the bathroom is after they eat, after they sleep, and after they play.

3.) Add a cue

Let your puppy take command to learn how to relieve themselves. Whenever you take your puppy out to toilet time, tell them the word “toilet” before and during the act.

By doing so, your puppy learns that when you say the word , it is time for toilet time.

4.) Let your puppy learn associations

puppy potty training tips

Puppies are smart and can associate places with toilet. There are certain steps that you can do to let your puppy associate things with toilet. They are :

  • The smell of urine and waste.
  • When training your puppy to try letting them go to the same location to relieve themselves. By doing so, they learn that this place is for the toilet.
  • The feeling of the ground beneath their paws.
  • Commands that means it’s time to go to relieve themselves.
  • Learn after sleeping, playing, and after eating.

It’s a good idea to take out your puppy frequently. Set a timer for every hour and take your puppy out. Take your puppy to the specific spot for your puppy to relieve themselves.

If your puppy doesn’t go, you got to take them inside and try again later. If your puppy does go, you got to reward them by giving them treats and encouraging words.

5.) Start a schedule

Start a schedule for your puppies to set them a potty training. Set a routine where puppies get used to relieving themselves at specific times.

6.) Stay positive

One of the puppy potty training tips and tricks is that you got to be positive and praise your puppy whenever they go to the toilet. Do not punish your puppy when they make accidents.

Instead, when they do want to relieve themselves, you got to tell them that they need to go outside and take them out immediately.

7.) Crate training

Crate training is about making the puppy sit in the crate. The crate main objective is to get the puppy to not soil their place. It is based on the idea that puppies and dogs don’t like to mess their own home and place.

8.) Puppy pads

Puppy pads are the first step taken for puppies when learning how to go to the toilet. They are very useful indoors and you can teach your puppy to relieve themselves in specific places that have the pads.

9.) Limit your puppy’s water intake

If your puppy drinks a lot of water, then they are more likely to frequently go to the bathroom. So the best option is to limit your puppy’s water intake before they go to sleep.

10.) Try the 15-minute rule

puppy potty training tips

For any activities that a puppy do such as exercising, drinking, and eating, you got to take them out after 15 minutes of doing any of the mentioned activities. By doing so,

your puppy is more likely to do frequent regular visits and know the time that they got to go.

11.) Be patient

You got to be patient and welcoming of your puppy when they are learning potty training. Potty training is something new that takes time and patience for them to learn.

12.) Get a doggy bell

Get a doggy door bell for your puppy so they can ring the bell when they want to go out to relieve themselves. It’s a sign that they need to go outside so you got to pay attention.

13.) Make for your puppy a litter box

When dog owners are away, a litter box may be the best idea for making puppies relieve themselves. It is through repetition that puppies become used to the place and understand that’s where they go if they need to go to the bathroom.

14.) Provide your puppy a healthy diet

puppy potty training tips

By providing your puppy a healthy diet, they are more likely to digest and eliminate regularly. These diets are balanced and full of nutrients that are essential for a puppy’s health and growth.

15.) Encourage your dog to exercise

Let your puppies exercise so they can burn calories and stay healthy. After exercise, a puppy becomes calm so they can easily learn different commands.

The don’ts when teaching your puppy how to potty train

Don’t punish your puppy

If an accident occurs, don’t punish your puppy. You got to not scold them or raise your voice on them. This will make puppies fear you and become afraid. Instead, you got to treat your puppy with patience and care.

Make sure to remove all traces of the accident with a cleanser. It is important to do so for puppies to not come back again to the same place and do it again. The smell of

urine and waste signals puppies that this is a place to eliminate so cleaning it up will prevent this problem.

Don’t rush your puppy

It takes time for puppies to learn how to potty so don’t rush them into learning it faster. You got to be patient.


In conclusion, you’ve got to be patient when trying to make your puppy learn how to potty train. By using certain steps, you can condition your puppy to learn how to potty. These tips and tricks are important and help when puppies are being trained.

If you need more information for training a puppy to potty train, check How to Potty Train A Puppy

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