Pet Owner Burns His Dog’s Paws With Bleach Due to Coronavirus Panic!

Pet Owner Burns His Dog's Paws With Bleach Due to Coronavirus Panic! |

Pet owner burns his dog's paws with bleach due to coronavirus panic! To know more about the story, check the

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are taking precautionary practices such as washing their hands with soap, using hand sanitizers like alcohol, wearing masks, and many more.

Dog parents also have the responsibility to keep their dogs safe from being infected with the coronavirus by following rules of social distancing and keeping their paws clean.

However, one dog parent did the unthinkable when cleaning the dog’s paws; the pet owner cleaned the dog’s paws with bleach.

Pet Owner Burns His Dog's Paws With Bleach Due to Coronavirus Panic! |

Apparently, the dog parent heard this advice on a Spanish television show, which is totally wrong and hurtful to any living being.

“It’s one thing to sanitize our dogs’ paws and quite another to burn them by using bleach. This image that is circulating on the net says it all.”  somospetfriendly , an animal group, said

So, what do the animal group and a vet advise on the best way to clean a dog’s paw?


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