7 Pet Grooming Tips You Probably Didn’t Try.

Dog Grooming Tips German Shepherd
Dog Grooming Tips German Shepherd

You may just leave a grooming house and your buddy looks amazing! you book the next appointment that turns out to be after 5 weeks. Out of the blue, after only two weeks your dog’s hair grows so much than expected, still, there’re 4 more weeks!
Don’t panic, read this article to know some pet grooming tips on what you can do at home and keep your dog looks fabulous as they are.

Pet Grooming Tips

Brush your dog’s coat help keep their skin and hair healthy and clean.

If you brush your dog’s hair on a regular basis, it will remove dirt, debris, and unpleasant odors that your pooch’s coat may have. In fact, brushing distributes the natural oils and make your dog’s hair healthy and shiny.

When your dog’s coat has tangles and knots, proper brushing can eliminate them. if you want to read more about matted dog hair visit this article Matted Dog Hair: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention.

Your pooch longer hair will need more than a brushing to untangle the matts. You should use a metal comb to locate any knots and tangles your dog may have. start gently to comb your buddy’s coat, especially, if they have a sensitive skin.

Brush your pooch’s teeth at least once a week.

Neglected teeth may cause health problems. You should brush your pooch’s teeth on a regular teeth, actually, the ideal time to brush them daily. But, if you don’t have mush time, you can do it 2 times a week.

You should choose the right equipment designed for your dog. Choose a toothpaste the made especially for dogs. Never use human toothpaste, it contains unsafe ingredients some of them can be toxic and will poison your doggie. Actually, you can use a child’s toothbrush if you can’t find a rubber finger brush.

Brushing a dog’s teeth can be a very challenging process and you may find it difficult. You can use dental sprays and chew treats instead.

Clip your dog’s nails

Dogs’ nails like humans, some grow faster than others. Some will require trimming within 2 weeks while others can wait for a full 6 weeks. Nail clipping is not as easy as you think, a lot of parents prefer not to do it. Frankly, it requires more time and effort and eventually you will nail it.

To avoid bleeding, you can cut the tip or the end of your pooch’s nails. Bleeding is a very common situation happens to all dogs, it occurs as a result of cutting the quick. Unfortunately, bleeding can create unpleasant experience to your doggie and make trimming an irritating thing. Hence, be very cautious when you clip their nails.

Clean their ears


A dog’s ears need to be cleaned frequently, especially, if your dog has longer or heavier ears. Much wax buildup can lead to ear infections. There are several recipes to clean your dog eats at home, generally, they contain vinegar.

Follow the following ear cleaning steps in order to avoid any bacterial infection:

  • Put some cleansing solution on a cotton ball and start to clean the outside area of the ear.
  • Gradually move the cotton towards the inner area of the ear.
  • Avoid using cotton swabs deep inside the ear canal.
  • Use the cotton swabs to gently clean the inside of the war and the outer ear flaps.
  • Usually, apply these steps to clean your dog’s ear after a bath or after swimming. In fact, water is one of the most common reasons for a dog’s ear infection.

Keep their face clean

Some dog breeds have wrinkles or folds on their face’s skin, such as bulldogs. Unfortunately, moisture can stack in these folds and be the perfect home for bacteria. as a result, the bacteria will lead to dermatitis or can be a cause of many infections. So, you should always keep these folds clean. Wipe your dog’s face folds, if they have any, with a warm cotton pad and dry them. You can use baby wipes instead of cotton pads, they will work well.

If you notice any skin redness or your dog starts to smell bad, you should see a vet.

Remove eye goop

Some dogs have a tendency to accumulate excessive eye goop. In fact, Tearing or discharge may collect in the corners of the eyes and that will lead to goop buildup. You can remove it using a flea comb.

First, you should loosen the goop with a warm wet cotton pad and then apply the flea comb. If you have a light colored dog, then you may notice a red stain caused by excessive tearing. In this case, you should use a tear stain remover designed for dogs.

If you notice any signs of irritation, redness spots or a bad odor, you should visit your vet to avoid any serious inflammation of the conjunctiva of your dog’s eye.

Give your dog a bath

Your fur body looks great, but they may smell not good. There are several high-quality towelettes and shampoos available on the market. You should choose a product that doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients. You can choose products that contain conditioners, it would enhance the health of your pooch’s coat more.

If you bath your dog on a regular basis, it will help to remove allergens and specks of dirt they may have. Actually, giving your dog a bath daily is the most important and helpful thing on every pet grooming tips list.

A very common grooming mistake among dog parents is not removing all of the shampoos properly, actually, if you leave some of the shampoos on their skin, it will irritate your dog and may lead to skin inflammation.

If you want to use a dryer after a bath, you can do it, it’s a very effective way to keep your dog dry and everything in your house as well! but, be cautious not to burn your doggie.


Certain breeds may require more needs, as mentioned bulldogs have folds that needed to be cleaned regularly. You can ask your vet to provide the best pet grooming tips specific for your pooch.

If you have a specific grooming routine, Tell us in the comments.

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