Fluffy, Stocky, or Short-Haired: Learn About the Most Popular Orange Cat Breeds

Fluffy, Stocky, or Short-Haired: Learn About the Most Popular Orange Cat Breeds |

Looking for a cat the resembles Garfield, with the orange coat color and personality? There are a lot of orange cat breeds for you to choose from, here is an article to know more about the fluffiest, short-haired or stocky orange cat breeds found out there, and don’t worry if you don’t want Garfield’s personality-wise, you will find orange cats with different attitudes.

Domestic cats descended from an ancient ancestor which they share with all fields, including lions and tigers. So, yes, your little fluffy bundle of joy is actually wild in nature and shares a lot more than you think with the toughest predators out there. Through time, of course, the domestication of cats made it so that we can have these stunning creatures safely – for the most part – at our homes.

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a cat standing-Orange Cat Breeds

The debate between fluffy and short-haired cats is pretty much alive, but it seems that when it comes to color, orange cat breeds are winning by a landslide. Which is why, we’re bringing together the fluffiest, grandest, and most distinctive orange cat breeds in a shortlist simply for your enjoyment.

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Fluffy, Stocky, or Short-Haired: Learn About the Most Popular Orange Cat Breeds |

Most Popular Orange Cat Breeds

1. Abyssinian Cats

Orange Cat breeds the Abyssinian Cat

This graceful, short-haired cat has been keeping scientists confused with regards to its origin. Some believe that they come from Egypt, and back up that story with their uncanny resemblance of the sacred cat depicted in many Pharaonic statues, while others believe Ethiopia to be the actual origin.

They’re quite a common orange tabby cat breed, with a ticky pattern of fur, which makes them quite popular with orange cat lovers, especially those with not much energy for grooming, since it fits the low-maintenance needs of Abyssinian cats. These medium-sized cats are, however, quite active, and in need of high social attention.

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2. American Bobtail Cats

Fluffy, Stocky, or Short-Haired: Learn About the Most Popular Orange Cat Breeds |

Aren’t they just the cutest ever? American Bobtail Cats are famous for their bobbed tails, as the name suggests, which came as a result of genetic mutation, while the breed itself was developed in the late 1960s. They’re one of the long-haired orange cat breeds, but they can also have a short-haired coat.

Just like their bobbed tail, American Bobtail Cats are stocky with somewhat short legs and large round paws. Despite their wild appearance, this breed is quite a playful bunch, they’re usually energetic and can form strong bonds with their humans, even showing signs of intelligence.

3. Bengal Cats

Orange Cat Breeds Bengal Cat

Their leopard coat gives away their origin, as they came from a hybrid between domestic cats and the Asian leopard cat. Bengal cats have remarkable spots, marblings, or rosettes, of various colors, and a base color which could be bright orange.

Weighing over 12 pounds, they are considered to be one of the large cat breeds. When it comes to caring, Bengals are usually easy to groom, however, they do require the space and freedom to run around and be active. Some owners have even reported that their own Bengal cats like to play with water, pretty uncommon for cats, right?

4. British Shorthair Cats

Fluffy, Stocky, or Short-Haired: Learn About the Most Popular Orange Cat Breeds |

Round faces, furry coats, and a whole lot of love handle if you like to call them that. British Shorthairs are certainly one of the cutest orange cat breeds and one that surely deserves the “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die” scream. While there’s no actual cat with orange eyes breed, since eye color varies regardless of breed, some British Shorthairs can boast orange or Sunfire eyes, that look stunning with black fur.

Their thick coat is behind that gorgeous look, but it also means owners will need to put in the effort when it comes to grooming. Speaking of effort, the cats themselves don’t really offer much of it and are usually very reserved and inactive. But they make up for that for being affectionate and loyal, making a great companion for singletons, elderlies, and families as well.

5. Egyptian Mau Cats

Orange Cat breeds

As clear from their name, Egyptian Mau cats originate from Egypt, but that’s just historical evidence. On the other hand, DNA evidence point to European and North American origins. Their short-hair and medium-length body gives off a muscular appearance and complements the fact that Egyptian Mau cats are the fastest domesticated cat breed.

They are famously known as an orange and white cat breed, with a distinctive ginger base color intersected by white stripes. Egyptian Mau owners need to allow their cats to exercise and move around, but should not worry about coat care as they have quite low grooming needs.

6. Maine Coon Cats

Orange Cat Breeds majestic cat

Maine Coon Cats are the single largest domesticated cat breed, and they have the looks to prove it. Females weigh between 8 to 12 pounds, while males are even heavier than that. Their size looks even bigger thanks to their heavy, silky coat, but despite all that allure, they are sweet in nature, and are quite sociable, which earns them the nickname, “the gentle giant”.

Thanks to their heavy fur, Maine Coons are quite high-maintenance cats when it comes to grooming, and they tend to shed quite regularly. Give this cat some room for exercise, and you’ll be surprised how sweet and loving this breed actually is.

7. Munchkin Cats

Orange Cat Breeds Cute Kitten

Famous for its distinctively short legs, Munchkin cats quickly earned the nickname of sausage cats but even quicker managed to steal our hearts with their gorgeous demeanor and adorable furry look. They are quite small to moderately sized and tend to vary between 6 to 9 pounds.

Munchkin cats are also quite people-oriented, and they tend to be quite close with their owners and enjoy being pet by human friends. They’re always playful and energetic, and despite the contradicting views of how their short legs affect their running and jumping, Munchkins seem like they couldn’t care less as they’re always leaping around.

8. Persian Cats

Fluffy, Stocky, or Short-Haired: Learn About the Most Popular Orange Cat Breeds |

Long-haired coat, a round face, and a short muzzle, uniquely characterizes these cute fur-balls that hold so many names. Persian Longhair is their famous name in English-speaking countries, while other names include the Iranian Cat or Shirazi Cat, which are famous names in Middle Eastern countries.

Even fully grown, this breed still finds time and energy to behave just like a kitten, much to the liking of their humans. Their heavy coat makes them a large cat breed weighing over 12 pounds for male Persian cats and a medium-range between 8 and 12 pounds for females. These cats are generally friendly and tend to enjoy basking in the sun. They come in many colors, and some have color-matching fur and eyes like this orange beaut shown here.

9. Turkish Angora Cats

Fluffy, Stocky, or Short-Haired: Learn About the Most Popular Orange Cat Breeds |

This ancient cat has been documented in the 17th century and is known as one of the earliest documented cat breeds, originating from the Ankara region in Turkey. They’re a medium to a large cat breed, with a medium to a long fur coat. This makes their grooming needs moderate despite their tendency to shed being quite high.

Turkish Angora cats boast tall ears and a muscular build. Despite that, they’re quite playful and proves to be an affectionate and loyal companion. However, you should be careful when making any significant changes to her environment, as this breed of cats appreciates her surroundings, and are not very good with sudden changes.

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