Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies & Everything You Should Know

Long Haired German Shepherd puppies

One of the firmest and most noble animals is the long haired German shepherd.

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Having trusted for many years to protect the president and royalty, these working dogs are among the best protection animals. 5 Different Types of German Shepherd Dogs [#4 Is Surprising]

Just like his counterpart with short hair, this big dog is extremely intelligent. As the first breed of a sheepdog, these animals helped breeders protect their animals from predators. Check The Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Now the dog is used for a wide range of jobs, including bomb detection, rescue and recovery, as well as pets for the disabled. Here’s your Best Dog Food for German Shepherd Puppy in 2020 Buyer’s Guide

These multifunctional animals are truly impressive and their dedication to the tasks assigned to them is simply incredible. Full of energy, you will not find many of these dogs sleeping on the job.

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long haired German shepherd puppies

The German Longhaired Shepherd is a very fast learner When it comes to training one of these dogs, you will find that they learn very quickly.

Unlike some dog breeds that need to be worked with a lot, these long haired German Shepherd puppies often learn their orders the first time. This is one of the main reasons why you see as much in use. Check this to know The Best Tips on How to Cool Off A Dog

Many government agencies around the world use these dogs. You can check the German Shepherd Puppy Training for insider tips and tricks.

If they start their basic training at a young age, these dogs can take more advanced training that will allow them to perform a wide range of jobs. You can learn all about training German Shepherds here.

In fact, some of these canines are full-fledged police officers with all the honors. Military service is also something that these animals excel.

Used in wartime, these dogs help detect bombs and locate landmines. These invaluable services help keep our military safe and secure.

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long coat German shepherd

Does your German Shepherd have to wear a coat? While it is true that all dogs do not necessarily need a coat to go out in the winter, there are German Shepherds for whom it is strongly recommended.

Indeed, if they have not been used to the cold enough, if long haired German Shepherd Puppies are more vulnerable because of their age, disability, joint problems, some German Shepherds may not be able to withstand the bad weather as well as other stronger or more used dogs.

Through this article, you will know when, how and what coat to put on your German Shepherd to protect your dog from the cold

long coat german shepherd pups and When to put a long coat on your GSD?

In order not to become cautious, your German Shepherd will not have to wear his coat constantly every time you take it out in the winter.

If it is mild, if the hike is fast, if it does not rain, if it does not fall snow, your German Shepherd will easily withstand going without a coat.

On the other hand, if it is very cold, it has snowed, it is advisable to put a good coat really hot that will protect it well.

Regarding long hikes, when it rains, it is also advisable to protect your German Shepherd with warm and waterproof equipment.

Which coat to choose for your German Shepherd?

Be careful not to let yourself be guided by the aesthetic side!

It will not be the nails, the pretty little details, or the pockets that will preserve your German Shepherd from the cold. What is important is, first of all, the material. In fact, it is important to ensure that the coat is well suited to bad weather: snow, rain, cold weather.

And to do this, the outfit must be warm enough and waterproof.

That said, it will also be necessary that the overcoat is convenient to put on because it should not that it becomes a chore to prepare your German Shepherd. Check our experts Top 6 Tips on Best Dog Food for German Shepherd.

If the coat is well made, you will prepare more willingly and without difficulty your German Shepherd for his ritual hike.

On the technical side, it is better for the coat to have a loop or an opening on the back to attach the leash.

And then, to be appreciated by your doggie it will be necessary that this coat is suitably adjusted to the size and the morphology of your German Shepherd.

It will not be necessary to acquire a garment too tight or too big.

long haired German shepherd breeders

Initially, there was a race of shepherds. Among them, there were animals with both long hair and with a shorter, more rigid.

At the same time, the founders of the breed believed that long-haired dogs could not work in adverse weather conditions. They were therefore considered a tribal marriage. In this, there is a certain truth: a luxurious mane and combed on the ground quickly turns into Kolton, from which branches and weeds come out. But the “fuzzy” had their fans.

In 1984, the first club was organized, dedicated to this particular branch. Breeding them as a separate breed is quite complex because, for a pair of long-haired parents, the offspring can be born with a normal short-hair cover.

Just like when raising members of an ordinary breed, in the litter, a baby can have long hair. It should be noted that only in Russia such a variety of dogs is recognized as a separate breed.

There are specialized clubs, exhibitions are organized. Abroad, long-haired puppies are considered a marriage. These are the dogs that are bought by big Russian clubs for breeding.

German Shepherd long hair coat

Taking care of the German Shepherd (especially long hair) includes constant combing.

Choose a comb that will be comfortable for you and not traumatic for the dog. Otherwise, the undercoat will become confused and the sheepdog will lose its luxurious appearance.

During molting, this must be done daily. For more read How to Groom a Dog from A to Z?

They often do not need to be bathed: the natural smell of the dog still does not go away and the more frequent water procedures can damage the natural protective film.

When the animal dries, using a piece of deer and a comb, you must give the coat a beautiful appearance.

The long-haired German Shepherd behavior

The long-haired German Shepherd dog is different with a unique spirit and ingenuity. Its consistency, balance, and fast learning ability are used in all industries where a four-legged friend is needed. First of all, it is the security services, the border units of the army and the police.

However, the “German” – a true friend of the family: a soft, faithful, loves children and sympathizes with all pets. But he does not like doing anything, so if your work schedule involves a long absence, it’s best to find another Shepherd host.

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