Top 11 Lion Dog Haircut Looking Great and Bad

lion dog haircut

Originally, the lion dog haircut was founded in Portugal in the 17th century. Also, It was mainly used as a way to help working dogs who jumped in the water to have less weight with fur and be able to work.

It also protected the dog’s face and neck against cold temperature and water.

Therefore to maintain the cut, The cut requires regular maintenance and is best left to a groomer to do.

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Top lion dog haircut

1.) “Check out my new lion haircut, everyone”

lion dog haircut: Pomeranian dog
Credited: the paws

The first on the lion haircut for dogs list is the pomeranian dog. They simply look like little lions with their shaved torso and hindquarters. Also, their head and neck hair are left naturally long.

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2.) “Who’s king of the jungle , now?”

lion dog haircut
Credited: pinimg via pinterest

The dog looks happy with their new hairstyle shaved like a lion. They also look like a true lion.

3.) ” Watch me as I conquer the jungle”

lion dog haircut
Credited: pet cube

This dog looks very happy running around with their lion haircut. However, this is not the best lion dog haircut out there. Also, this is one of the funny dog haircuts out there.

4.) ” Look at me everyone, I am a lion”

lion dog haircut: Golden Retriever
Credited: bemethis

The Golden Retriever dog is showing off their new lion dog haircut. However, they look very different and unnatural; their gorgeous hair is cut to look like this.

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5.) ” I am a lion and I know it”

lion dog haircut: yorkies
Credited: hair style camp

Lion dog haircuts are very popular with dogs that can grow long hair such as Yorkies. Therefore,To do the haircut for yorkies, keep the hair in the body cut very short and leave the hair in the face and paw.

6.) “I am a Shihtzu dog with a marvelous lion haircut”

lion dog haircut: Shihtzu
Credited: pinimg via pinterest

Check out this Shihtzu dog with the lion haircut. They look very elegant. Also, the haircut suits them just like the Pomeranian. Wanna know how to cool off your dog without a lousy hair cut? here are the Best Tips on How to Cool Off A Dog

7.) ” Check out my glamourous lion haircut , y’all”

lion dog haircut
Credited: funny dog site

This is a a gorgeous lion haircut on the dog. Also, It suits the dog very nicely.

8.) ” I am a poodle lion dog because I said so”

lion dog haircut
Credited: pinimg via pinterest

This poodle had a haircut to look like a lion. However, this haircut wasn’t done very nicely as you can see the poodle’s hair is dry and fluffy.

9.) ” I am a maltese with a lion haircut”

Top 11 Lion Dog Haircut Looking Great and Bad |
Credited: photo bucket

This maltese has a mini lion haircut because of their small size and body. Because of their small size, They look very cute. and here’s a collection of lion dogs that don’t roar! Dogs That Don’t Bark: Yes, They Exist!

10.) ” I am the real lion king”

Top 11 Lion Dog Haircut Looking Great and Bad |
Credited: Imgur

The dog looks like they are very proud of their haircut. Thus, they are cut to look like they are lions. another dog like a lion is the Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies Learn Everything You Should Know about them here

11.) “I am LionChen”

Top 11 Lion Dog Haircut Looking Great and Bad |
Credited: pinimg via pinterest

The lowchen is a breed of dog that is very small in size. They are considered by the AKC as toy and non sporting dogs. Here, the lowchen has a lion haircut. Thus, they are little lions.


In conclusion, this is the list of the top dogs with lion haircuts. Some look very cute and the haircut suits them while others don’t look very good in the hairstyle.

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Share with us your opinion. Does the lion haircut suit dogs?Also, which one of the hairstyles did you like most?

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